Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Runners and Running

It has been a weekend of runners and running! Saturday found me with little housework. My routines are flowing and I had lots of free time because of that. What to do??? I could hand quilt. I could applique on another Sunbonnet Sue. I could cut into that new Galena fabric that has been calling my name!!! YES! That is what I did. I made a little runner for my hutch in the eating area. I used ALL 5 fabrics I bought in Galena, plus the red that I had in mind to match it to.I have plenty more to make a matching runner for the breakfast bar. I will use a different pattern, but the fabrics will all match. This allowed me to put the blue runner back in it's designed the entryway. The white dresser scarf I had here was always getting moved and just did not look right. I also did the unthinkable! I opened and cut my jelly roll!! It was very hard to do, but I did it. I won this jelly roll from Debi and have treasured it ever since. Now I will just have to get another one to replace it!I am putting a runner together for a young bride. These fabrics are perfect for her I think. I plan to hand quilt it. Here are the pieces all laid out. I am glad I took this pic, because the pieces blew all over as the wind blew in through the window.Today, the kids and I went with my mom. We started out at Gensler Gardens. What a beautiful place!!Look at the flowers!!! We did not buy any, but we did pick up tomato plants, pepper plants, broccoli plants (Charlotte really wants to grow broccoli), and seed packets.I could have spent all day there. The gift shop was wonderful too! From there we headed to The Cracker Barrel for lunch. We had a 25 minute wait, so Grandma gave the kids spending money. They bought huge eggs that will hatch a dinosaur. Charlotte said she really wanted a T-Rex. I told her I hope she gets one too, but just like when you "hatch a real egg", only God can determine what you will get! She giggled. She also got a loom for making potholders, and Zach got a submarine. While we waited for our food the kids played a game of checkers.Once outside, I tried to get a picture of them while we waited for Grandma. "Look up here.""No, over here! Smile.""OK, you got the smile part, now look over HERE!"Yeesh!!!! Off we go! Where to now? The Antique Mall. Stalls and stalls of wonderment!!!! Did I find anything?? Oh, I found the most wonderful bed! I just HAVE to have it. I told myself when we get ready to buy a bedroom set (soon) I will bring Sweetheart there. Then I looked at the price of that bed! $7,750.00!!! I think not. I did however, find a few aprons that were to my liking. This one is a turquoise gingham with chicken scratch embroidery on it. Beautiful!I also found a bright canary yellow with honeycomb embroidery, all done by hand. The ties are satin ribbon. It has a couple of stains, but I found that Holy Cow pink takes just about anything out!! (the yellow is MUCH brighter than the picture shows)The last one is my favorite of the 3. It is purple and green butterflies and flowers. Very calico looking, with ribbon and lace accents. It is hand stitched with the teeniest tiniest stitches.Next time I go to the Antique Mall I will not take the kids. They were very well behaved, but it is impossible for them to not touch. I have to make them hold their own hands and they walk around looking like they are praying!! LOL It works though. I saw a couple of things there I will go back for, that is for sure!

The day was not done! Next stop....31 flavors!! Ice cream that is!Zach made up a song on the way home about how he has the BEST Grandmother EVER!!! I think he is right. Well, maybe tied with TJ's Grandma!!!


Kelley said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!
Wishing you a blessed week ahead! Ü

Sweet P said...

You did have a wonderful weekend. I love the chicken scratch apron. I found old chicken patch patterns when we cleaned out my parent's home. I think they belonged to my grandmother. I should pull them out and make an apron. I hope you enjoyed your ice cream. It looks yummy!

Copper's Wife said...

Yee haw, sounds like a wonderful day!!! The new quilting projects are beautiful and your new, vintage aprons are great! On top of all that goodness you had a fun outing with your mom. Yep, a wonderful day!

Donetta said...

sounds like you had a marvelous day!
How funny Cracker Barrel looks the same the states over. It was nice to see the the kids so happy.
I have been looking so forward to my pif...hint:) poor manners but you make such pretty things. I hope this finds you doing well.
I have been so busy with life that days fly by! Dove is doing well. as am I and Dash is too. Only four more days of school and summer break comes. All the math stuff will be mailed soon. It will be a bit costly I think do to the weight of those books and binders. I am so glad that the kids will make good use of them. I'll be doing a bit of summer school. Hand writing for Dash and math for Dove.

meggie said...

Great happy post Bren.
I agree, 1st equal for Grandma rights between you & you Mum!

Those aprons are sweet. I dont think I have any of my mother's & dont understand why. She must have got rid of them all.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

That looks like great fun...and lots of sewing thrown in! I hate cutting my jelly rolls as well, but love how quickly things come together when you do! love Tracey

Niki RuralWritings said...

Wow! what a day! What a blessed day! :)
Love the runner and the aprons.
We're off to Jen's shower today.

Ruthie said...

Your jelly roll quilt looks yummy. I just used that one to make this photo quilt:

Lib said...

Hi Bren,
A Great Post.
trying to catch up on blogging.
Hope youre having a great wk.
Blessins' Lib

Love Bears All Things said...

I like the way you arranged the fabrics for the runner for your friend.
Whenever I go to the antique mall, I have to keep my hands off my face. The place makes me itch. I also use lots of antibacterial lotion while I'm there. But I love going.
Sounds like you had a good day with your MOM.
Mama bear

Marilyn R said...

I have a hard time not touching everything at an antique store too! I will have to remember to keep my hands folded from now on. *G* Wow, a completed table runner from a morning's worth of quilting? Did I read that right? It is beautiful!