Sunday, November 2, 2008

7 Random High School Things

I have been tagged by Shellie at One Christian Mom and by Andrea Cherie at Our Traditional Home to do a 7 (or in Andrea's case 6) Random Things About Me. Since I have been blogging for more than a year, I have done this a couple of times. You can see them under the label "Meme" on my sidebar. I thought, however, since Sweetheart and I just had our 30 Year High School Reunion (we did not attend), I would share some things about my "High School Days". 1) I graduated in a class of around 90 people. Though there were no famous people to come out of our class, there are some people who should be considered famous. One "girl" became an Oncologist and opened a Cancer Clinic and has saved countless lives. Another spends a couple of weeks a year in the Appalachian Mountains rebuilding homes that are so run down and the owners have no resources to fix them. I could go on....

2) My parents moved us out of this house (my childhood home) in the large city I grew up in, to the country where it would be safer for me to attend school. There were riots in the local public Jr. High that year, and I would be attending it.

3) While living in this house from 7th-12th grade, I got into more mischief than you could imagine!!!! Did you know that "country kids" get into just as much trouble as "city kids" when they are left to their own??? My parents were there, but both worked. They both say if they could go back and change one thing, it would be that Mom was home when we were.4) While there were no riots at Stillman Valley's little schools, I was bullied by 2 step sisters badly during my 8th and 9th grade years. Threatened with broken glass and "stalked" regularly. One of them graduated with me....she now works for the Government making important weapons for our military. Ironic. (I am sure she is a very nice person now.....don't you think?)5) Though I met Sweetheart on the very first day of 9th grade (I can still see his red and white plaid pants and red turtle neck), and I had my first real kiss from him at the Fall Festival that year, (Charlotte would call me a Harlot if she knew that) we both dated other people until just after we graduated. The above picture is what he looked like when I met him...he was just a child!!!6) I had absolutely no direction in High School. I was all about friends and parties and it was a social scene. I missed 63 days of school my Senior Year (playing hooky)....I had the credits I needed, though I was a C student at best. I did attend Nursing School through a Vocational program my Junior and Senior year, pulling A's and B's, only to drop out the last 6 direction.7) I do have a life long friend from my days at Stillman Valley. Lori and I met on the first day of 7th grade. That was 36 years ago. She is to the left in this picture (I am in the middle). This was taken at my son's wedding. Her husband did the video. We still keep in contact...she was big trouble in school too, and like me, has found her purpose in life through her relationship with God. Lori also attended the nursing program but did not drop out and became a nurse. The other friend in the picture is Shelly. Another long time friend...we met when Bud was 4....22 years ago. (My friend of 25 years, Sue and her family was also at the wedding...very pregnant with Ruthie...I regret I did not track her down to get in this picture.) Life long friendships. Those are good.

My High School years do not sound that great, do they?? There were some good times, but I will be honest.... There is really nothing about that girl that I can relate too anymore. She is not me. I am thankful for that. It dawned on me when I saw the 2 "girls" that tagged me are both young enough to be my daughters....Andrea even told me in an e-mail that I am a Titus 2 role model for her....30 years after I graduated from High School, I am not famous, nor am I saving lives, or building homes for impoverished people....but I am blessed to be fulfilling my purpose just the same.

If you want to play, let me know so I can see your 7 Random Things....


Love Bears All Things said...

I like this button picture you've put at the bottom. Whereever did you get it?
This is a great idea, to make the 7 Random Things a theme like Highschool. I could tell some stories too.
Mama Bear

Alesha said...

We are all a testimony to God's saving grace, aren't we? :-)

Some of us who may not have gotten into much "mischief" in high school were so puffed up with pride and arrogance that I'm sure we displeased God as well.

We all needed Him desperately, regardless of our histories.

It's fun to share them, though, because that is what has made us the women of God we are today. It's awesome to see all He has done in our lives.

I loved the pic of your sweetie. I think I see a little of your grandson in that pic! :-)


Melzie said...

tag, youre it! see my blog ;) xoxo me

Sarah said...

You are a role model, Bren, and a great one at that! You love your husband, children, and grandchildren. More importantly, you have a deep love for God. You are an awesome quilter and homemaker, and I have gleaned a lot of knowledge from you in the time I have been reading your blog. For some reason, I can't comment with my WordPress account. My blog address is I am going to do a post on 7 random things about me.

Milah said...

To be called a Titus 2 woman is a huge compliment!
I can so relate to your life..been there, done that, got the t-shirt!
Personally I think I was being directed in H.S. to be something God had not called me to be. God was calling me to be a wife and mother. And it's only that role that I'm truly happy in. I have never been drawn to any career other than homemaking. I have had several part time jobs in banking, accounting, and I even delivered mail, but my favorite job by far was managing the home and keeping books for my husbands business.

Mountain Mama said...

Sorry to "double" tag you. I remember reading this but forgot about it when I was tagging you.

Have a blessed Tuesday.