Friday, November 14, 2008

A Quiet Life

Today is a wonderfully slow paced day. No real housework to do, no school, as we have taken the week off. Between Veteran's Day, losing our Grandpa(thank you for your kind thoughts), and taking a day to clean our home, a full week seemed appropriate. Zachary has been creating an Army out of empty toilet paper rolls. Note the "mean" looking eyebrows. The General (not pictured) is an empty paper towel roll.
Charlotte has found her passion. Hallelujah!!!! The crochet lesson I got from a friend caused me to about come out of my skin. I found no enjoyment out of it at all, and after spending an evening staring over the never-ending chain I was making, at my Pink and Brown, quilting is definitely my "thing". Charlotte however, seemed fascinated and has not stopped crocheting since I showed her the basics I had learned. I think my friend will spend some time advancing her...
She works on it day and night, whenever she has a free minute. She made a 30 ft. chain with the navy yarn. She even showed Rachel how to make a chain while we were at the Funeral, and now Rachel wants to crochet.After all the cleaning yesterday, I have a plan for today. First though, I will share our evening with was so great to come back and cross off things on the list as I completed them. Without it I would have NEVER accomplished it all. Thanks for letting me use my blog as a PODA for one day! I promise that will not be a regular thing! So after all the work was done, I had showered, dinner had been ordered, the kids were all downstairs in Kyle's room watching a movie...sounds like heaven, huh? just got better. My son, who just returned from a run to Montana, was home and brought Rachel and the kids for a visit. They had spent the day with Grandma Diane.My Mother in Love met her Great Granddaughter and spent lots of time playing with TJ. It was a great day for them all. She gave Emerson an unbelievable gift. This is the most gorgeous Christening/Dedication gown I have EVER seen. The picture does nothing to show how beautiful it is.The actual dress is quilted and has crinoline underneath. The blanket is also quilted and the sheer jacket is beaded with pearls and breathtaking to look at..They plan to have Emerson baptised/dedicated in the Spring, when the dress will fit her perfectly. Diane made a great suggestion. The headband can be worn as her garter under her wedding gown when she marries. What a very special gift!
Paw Paw had some fun with TJ, turning a simple assistance in zipping a coat into a fun game.TJ gives Sweetheart such joy. His story telling abilities are really coming out. He is quite entertaining to listen too. He will tell you a big long story, with lots of expression, and when he is done, you find out that never happened. When you confront him on that he just says "I know, but it was fun." I love that kid!!!!
Wednesday, I had some time out of the house, with no children in tow. I ran into Hobby Lobby to pick up a quick gift. I saw this fabric and KNEW I needed some....It is the richest brown with gold lettering. It was on sale, so I got 3 yards. It will make a great apron...there goes 1 yard...and the rest will be perfect for the backs of tablerunners or wallhangings. I love anything that has words...especially Spiritually uplifting words. On the most recent Copperswife post, she shows some stenciling on her kitchen wall. The words are SO profound. Simple, yet, a core calling for all of us.....
"Aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your own hands"
That is 1 Thessalonians 4:11. THAT is a verse worth meditating on and aspiring to.
On that note, I will leave you for this week. I plan to spend some very productive hours with my sewing machine, in my clean and organized sewing room!!!! Probably nothing I can show you, as I will be working on Christmas gifts. I pray you have a blessed weekend!!!


One Christian Mom said...

What a wonderful day you had! I hope your weekend is just as blessed :-)

Dani said...

I'm so sorry you didn't enjoy crocheting Bren! I have to say chaining, and working the first row over the chain are always my least favorite part of the whole process, it can be very tedious!

That christening gown is gorgeous!

Debi said...

I am thrilled that Charlotte loves crocheting. I taught my 2 daughters and 3 step-daughters how to crochet and all but one of them continues to this day. I absoutely love crocheting. Emersons's baptism gown is gorgeous.

Ace said...

I was just taught this and got a little bit obsessed with it as well. I am just one of those personalities whose mind is always on and I have to do something like this to shut it down and relax. Plus it appeals to the little control freak I have left in me (working on it :)

Very soothing, glad your sweet Charlotte likes it. I bet she will make some things of great beauty.
Also, I think there is tons of videos on youtube with new stitches if you ever want to learn some new ones.

Many Blessings :)

moreofhim said...

I'm so glad to see Charlotte likes crocheting! It's nice to see the next generation doing something I love! I learned very young and I think that makes a huge difference.

Your sewing room looks so lovely! I'm wanting to get some things done, too, for Christmas gifts. I have my sewing machine out and ready to go!

Love the Christening gown. Beautiful!

God bless you ~ Julie

Copper's Wife said...

Good for Charlotte! Won't it be fun to watch the wonderful things she makes as her skills improve.

Love the pictures of your husband with his grandson!!!

julieQ said...

Looks like a most wonderful day for family and a little sewing too.

meggie said...

Hi Bren, So sorry for your family loss.
That dress for Emerson is just beautiful, & look forward to seeing her wearing it.

I seem to still be catching up on all my favourite blogs.
So glad Charlotte has found something she loves to do!

Andrea Cherie said...

The baby gown is priceless! What a treasure for her memory box!

Donetta said...

Hi Honey
I am so sorrry of your loss. Loved ones are such a treasure and always will be.
That christening gown is amazing.
Such fun for Charlotte, Now she will need to add one to get it a little wider :)
Love the army , looks like the kids fodder at my house.

Love Bears All Things said...

I loved this post. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was about Charlotte's age. I picked it up again when I was a young mother. A neighbor went with me to buy yarn for my first afghan. I have made and given away many since. It is a great past time and keeps little hands busy. I hope she continues to enjoy it.
Your studio looks so neat. Mine is a mess as I have several projects going at once. I can't show what I'm working on either but I'm going to make photos for later.
Mama Bear

Marilyn R said...

I remember making yards and yards of crochet chains when I was about Charlottes age. What fun!