Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today's PODA

Here is my PODA (Parade of Daily Activity) for today. It is so big and I am feeling like I could "save" some of it for tomorrow, that I thought I would post it and be held accountable. My housework has suffered, so I am doing a House Blessing, covering every room, some deeper than others. Here we go....It is noon so some of it has been completed. Some the kids did, though they are done for the day. I will come back and cross out jobs that have been completed. Pray that I can get it all done by dinner!!! Make your own list and join is not too late!Daily Exercise:
Walk 1 mile on treadmill
crunches Charlotte and Zachary's room (the messiest room in the house)
CLEAN up mess (kids)
Dust and vacuum
Wash Zach's processMaster Bedroom:
Make bed
Clear clutter
Clean off desk
put away fabric
clean off sewing table
Dust entire room
empty trash
Kid's bath..Charlotte
wipe down sink
clean mirror
scrub toilet inside and out
Wipe down floor
empty trash
wipe down counter
clean mirror
scrub toilet inside and out
vacuum rugs
wash floor
empty trash
Powder bath
quick wipe was just deep cleaned
Upstairs Hallway and Staircase:
vacuum hallway
dust banister Zach
vacuum stairs
empty dishwasher Charlotte
load dishwasher with breakfast/lunch dishes
clean out frig
wipe down counters
clean sink
wipe down stove top
electric broom
wash floor
start dinner prep
Living/Dining/Family Rooms:
electric broom hardwood floor
vacuum rugs
wash hardwood with Murphy's Oil soap and Tea Tree oil
put away clean laundry
Zach's bedding
shower best ever!!
hair/makeup It's light, but it's there
dressed (I am in no longer wearing my workout duds)
So there it is....I am off to continue toward my goal. It will keep me motivated to be able to come cross off jobs!!!
UPDATE: It is 4:40...I am sweating like a pig...I am running out of steam, and I can't WAIT to get in that shower. Sweetheart gets off at 6...home by 6:30...that is less than 2 hours. Just need to finish up those towels, get old food out of frig (it is garbage night), and wash the kitchen floor. I think I will make it!!! Tomorrow will be a nice day off!
WOOHOO!!! I did it and with time to spare. It is 5:25 and I am headed to the shower...I can not wait! Dinner prep from today will wait til tomorrow as I decided to order pizza (not for me, I will have a chicken breast I made yesterday)


Andrea Cherie said...

Ah what a day! I love days like that~ super productive and checking off a list!

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motherofmany said...

Oh my gravy! I'm tired just READING that. I better go lie down.

Donetta said...

Stamina :)

Copper's Wife said...

Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!