Thursday, November 6, 2008


The sky has turned dark and the winds have kicked it. As I took this photo the thunder was rumbling in the distance. We ended up getting a big downpour along with lightening and thunder, in big booms. It is not even 9 am. That makes for a lazy-daisy kinda morning. The big boys, meaning sweetheart and Kyle, got off to work and Zach and Charlotte made breakfast for themselves. Toast with peanut butter and honey and a glass of milk. One of their favorites!Charlotte helped with clean up, and as I type this, they are both working math problems.Yesterday was a busy day here. Chili cooked in the crockpot and the washer and dryer hummed all day. My son came home from a run to Los Angeles. I was relieved to hear he was back. A long 10 day run for him....He had 2 blow outs on the way the same day...and one was in the mountains. Psalm 91 is his covering, prayed for him by his Mama daily. I picked TJ up for Awanas and they came to the house to visit with us afterwards. My son told us of his time traveling across our beautiful country. He described the Utah sky at night and how he saw Orion's belt AND Orion. He said the stars were so big and bright that he felt he could reach up and touch them. When Emerson is a little older, Rachel will make a cross country run with him. We talked politics a little....Sweetheart looked at me and said "Who raised that boy???" Our views and our son's are very different, but he is his own man. Young, but still a man.
My little TJ was a delight at Cubbies. I am a leader in his group and as the 3's and 4's were playing play doh, he looked up at me and said,
"I am so happy to see you, Grandma."
My heart melted. I told him,
"I am happy to see you too, TJ. I have not seen you since yesterday."
"I know", he said. "You were lost last night."
What a blessing...grandchildren, a true gift from God.
Speaking of Grandchildren....Emerson spent a couple of hours with me the other day.Her little outfit gave me pleasure. She was darling but soon tired of her photo shoot, becoming bored.......then tired (note that chin dimple)........and then femininity went out the window, as she slept the sleep of a princess.....Sleeping Beauty.Yesterday, the mailman brought a wonderful package from Andrea Cherie. She had a giveaway recently...I did not win, but she blessed me anyway. 3 gorgeous file did you make those?? I plan to use them for quilting/sewing related organization. Also, a CD, that I am anxious to listen too. Thank you so much Andrea!!! You are a sweetie...I pray my Charlotte becomes the young woman of God that you are.
Today, even with the rain, is a day of chores and school. Laundry is already going and I am in my workout clothes ready to hit the treadmill for a time. I think I will listen to the new Addison Road CD Andrea sent me, while walking my mile(s). A quick shower, a healthy breakfast, and some quiet read aloud, with the kids, will complete the morning.This afternoon, a friend will come show me the basics of crocheting. I am hoping I will be more successful in this than I was in the knitting....I am not a great knitter.
Rain, or shine, I pray your day is full, productive, and blessed!!!


Andrea Cherie said...

I know that cd might not be your style...but the lyrics are really awesome! Enjoy!

Guðrún said...

Emerson is so cute on the last picture (in fact on them all).

Sarah said...

I LOVE Addison Road! I saw them in concert last year, and I have been a fan ever since. Great music to walk to, Bren. We got storms here in Texas, too. They were in the middle of the night and I slept through them, as usual.:)


Vanessa said...

You are surrounded by adorableness! Your grand children and your own little ones. . .so cute! That Emerson is something. . .I'm hoping for a pink baby somewhere in my future.

That sounded like a wonderful day. I love storms :)


Angie said...

Hi Bren!
Finally catching up and will post on our blog soon.
Also ... if you need some patterns - cheap ones - go to
They have a ton of different kinds to pick and choose from. Good luck, hopefully there's something there for Charlotte.

Love your posts - you always do such a good job! :)
Blessings to you and all.

Angie said...

oops ... wrong website. Go to:

One Christian Mom said...

Bren, I love the pictures! I also love that your kids can make themselves breakfast. I can't wait for that part :-) TJ is so sweet, you have a wonderful relationship with them all.

How did the crocheting go? I can speak from experience when I say that crocheting is so much easier than knitting. I can crochet up a storm. I can't knit well for my life. I can't even make a square, it turns into a rhombus! LOL