Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Prep Begins

It is getting to be that prep. Thanksgiving is close, just a few short days away. I host Thanksgiving (and Christmas, and Easter, and Mother's Day, and any other family event) at my house every year. I actually love it. I always feel good opening my door to my family. As hard as you try, you are not going to make everyone happy, but the family is together.
It has been a busy couple of days here. Rachel came to work on TJ's quilt. She is determined to get it done this year!! She pin basted it yesterday, and has it all ready to machine quilt this afternoon.I did some deep parenting....kinda like deep cleaning, where you cover deep areas that you don't regularly touch on...some really great new things we have added. I will share in another post.
Charlotte is still loving her new hobby of crochet. I am just thrilled she has this wonderful craft to keep her hands working.Little Emerson LOVES her bouncy seat.......and Zach and TJ made a "train" with math manipulatives and drove it all around the house.Speaking of the house...the family room got a good deep clean today. The entire morning was spent doing a whole house blessing, but this room got the most attention. I added a box of cinnamon scented pine cones to the fireplace hearth. My mom gave them to me for my birthday and they smell heavenly. I LOVE good smells in a house!!The entire mantle was polished and all the decorations were wiped clean.The room is fresh and clean and ready to enjoy some movie/quilting time this evening.
Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, the formal dining room needed a deep clean also. I just love this room. I am so glad we moved the kids TV room out and put my dining room back. Sweetheart bought the dining room set and china cabinet for my 40th birthday. I just treasure it.I know someday my great great grandchildren will be gathered around this same table, years after I am gone, if the Lord tarries. It makes me smile to think of it. I take special care of it for that reason.
I am creating more gifts in my sewing room. That machine has seen more action in the last week than in the last year put together! It feels good to be able to make something from the heart and also to help with the expense of the holidays at the same time.
Speaking of which...that cardinal apron is waiting for me. I will have a finished picture to show you after Thanksgiving! Have a blessed and productive weekend!


His Tender Mercies said...

Your home looks very clean and welcoming. I have Thanksgiving at my home every year. My mom, brother and his family (all from NC) spend the whole week with us. It's lots of fun. I'm getting busy as well trying to get things ready.

One Christian Mom said...

Your Charlotte is talented! For a beginner, her stitches are uniform, and the heart is well-shaped. A hobby, or a future profession? :-)

Your house is gorgeous. It is definitely a place to feel welcome. You keep very nice care of it - house blessing is an apt term.
Happy Thanksgiving - I won't "see" you before then.
With Love,

meggie said...

A huge busy day for you! It seems you have been having a few trials lately.
Sending you hugsxx

moreofhim said...

Everything looks so beautiful!! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

God bless you ~ Julie

Marilyn R said...

Bren, please tell Charlotte that her little heart crochet is just adorable! Tell Zack that I love his turkeys!