Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bad Parenting

The day starts out great! Everything is planned. We all had a good nights sleep. A good breakfast. And most of all, the best of intentions. Somehow, I get distracted, allow them to get distracted, and we take a different path.
Before I can stop it, the day has turned sour and there is no going back. School work is not completed, and what is done is sloppy and/or incorrect. The housework stands half finished. Phone calls...important phone calls...are still not made, though all the arguing voices are not conductive to making the important calls. It is like a downward spiral as the minutes tick away.
And now it is over. The sun has set very early on this day, and that is just fine with me!!!


One Christian Mom said...

I am sorry that you had a bad day, but I certainly understand. We had a similar day, but we also had a sleepless night. Best wishes and prayers for tomorrow, though!

Milah said...

My mama said, "There will be days like that." We all have them.

Wishing you a better tomorrow!

Melzie said...

whew you ought to hear my whip crackin' here, I am DANIEL because I have PURPOSED IN MY HEART that these kids are not running roughshod over me anymore. My purpose WILL be stronger than their misbehaviours. NEvermind that there are THREE of them and ONE of me I have God on my side ;) Have a better day tomorrow chicadee! xoxo mel

Donetta said...

Take it easy on you, on them and let it be done and gone. Start anew. Show them those days are alright sometimes and going to happen from time to time.
Never get to tired, hungry, or lonely.
Be gentle with your self!

Andrea Cherie said...

That's why His mercies are new EVERY morning!

Berean Wife said...


Praying tomorrow all your ducks are in a row. :)

Berean wife

Andrea said...

Better day today for you I hope. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. I am having a few issues with my 18yo - ooh I could strangle her sometimes - lol !

Sarah said...

Awww! (((Hugs))) and blessings to you, Bren! I had a bad day on Monday, so I know how you feel! Hope you have a great day today, I'm sending prayers your way!:)


Love Bears All Things said...

He gives us new mercies every day!
Mama Bear