Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day In Pictures

Another successful Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. With it, many wonderful memories were made. I thought I would share some pictures of the day. Before I start, I will warn you, it has been agreed on that I need a better camera. Most of the pictures turned out fuzzy. It really is not is the camera!! (Ask Rachel!)
The kids were a big help. Here, they are making the fruit salad...Charlotte especially was a HUGE help to me in the day before and the day of Thanksgiving.
She had her apron on and was ready and willing to do whatever was needed. Once done with a job, she would say, "What else would you like me to do?"
Rachel helped with the food prep which was much appreciated.Everyone arrived around 2pm.
The house was filled with children.....Charlotte, Casey, Zach, Dominic, and TJ all had a great time. Emerson had her Thanksgiving dinner of Organic Rice cereal.Emerson helped Grandma play hostess, though she fell asleep on the job.Andrew came and we were just thrilled to see him. He is recovering nicely from his fall off the cliff. Still on a crutch and wearing a immobilizer cast, he is getting around well.TJ loved his crutch and wants one of his own.Here is Meghan, my Dad, and Andrew enjoying each other. Meghan is on a full scholarship to a law school in Chicago. They even pay her housing....we are all so proud of her.Her mother, my Aunt Robin, loved her new apron."Kunkle Kyle" and TJ read a book together.Mom supervised the food set up.Zach and Robby spent time playing video games.Sweetheart spent some time smoochin up that granddaughter!Emerson met some of her family for the first time. Here she is with her Great Aunt Debbie.My sister and her husband Mike brought Mike's mom, Thelma. She was recovering from knee surgery and was a joy to visit with.Here they are with the grand kids, Casey and Dominic.My Aunt Robin with her family, Meghan, Robby, Matt (Sarah's husband), and Sarah. She lost her husband, my Uncle Bob, in a car accident in 2001. Her fiance, Ted, is a wonderful man. My son and his family. It is difficult to get a nice picture of TJ, who moves all the time. Again, my camera is not great.My Mom and her, Debbie and Robin, who my mom raised.My family, the ones left at home, anyway.We tried to get a picture of Sweetheart and I with our grand kids, but TJ was DONE with picture taking!!! It looks like I was too!It was a wonderful day, and like always, I was wiped out at the end of it. I don't know who took this, but I found it on my camera while loading the days photos on my computer.


Milah said...

It's easy to see how much you have to be thankful for. You have a wonderful loving family.

Susan said...

Loved seeing all your pics of your day, Bren! Isn't it great when your daughter becomes your right-hand helper?! And that last picture - priceless! LOL Glad you had a great holiday with your family.

motherofmany said...

Just a completely lovely family. I like the last picture best!

Love Bears All Things said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us. You had a big crowd of folks. I know you enjoyed having them all. Your pctures look fine.
Rachel looks like she has lost weight.
Mama Bear

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

What a lovely post! The photos are great. I love the last one. Emerson looks like she is really growing. She is a beauty. Charlotte must have been a great help to you with your large group. Looks like all had a great time. =)Karen

meggie said...

Lovely to see all the photos Bren. Never mind the fuzzy! You all looked so happy, & the children look so healthy & happy too.
Emerson is just a little Star!

Guðrún said...

What a great family gathering this must have been.

Donetta said...

wow lots of folks. I hope your recovering the work of it all.