Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Start of a Week

I love the start of a new week. It is always a fresh feeling...like New Years every seven days. This week I have kept my basics going. General cleaning, laundry, and home school.

Laundry is always my downfall. It sneaks up on you and is impossible to maintain for more than a day. You can get everything washed, dried, folded, and put away, and with in several hours, there is more....Someday I will conquer the laundry monster. It is not today, though I have made a dent in it.
I had some grandbaby time this week already. Rachel and the kids came to play for a few hours yesterday. Emerson is cooing and smiling all the time now...unless I have the camera out.She sure knows her mommy!!!Rachel has an appointment for TJ today, so Emerson will get to come to Grandma's again today for an hour or so.I have had a desire to learn to make girly clothes....little dresses for Emerson would be so fun. I have put it off as it totally intimidates me. Mrs. Mannering, my high school home ec. teacher, would be appalled. Now I must learn out of necessity. Poor Charlotte has no skirts or dresses that fit. She has 3 jumpers and 2 of them are dressy for church. She has been wearing pants and jeans which is not my ideal for her. There is a definite change in behavior when she is dressed more feminine. I went shopping for some skirts and dresses, and let me tell ya....there is nothing appropriate for a girl over a size 6X!! I will need to find a VERY EASY pattern for a skirt and dress to just make over and over in different fabrics. I like these patterns, but am not sure how difficult they would be.The skirt looks easier than the jumper. Charlotte chose this one....She is a prairie-girl-wannabe at heart! That looks way too difficult!! We will see. I think a simple skirt pattern with an elastic waist is where I will start. Any tips are welcome!
I did get some quilting time in over the weekend and some at the start of this week. That is always a good feeling. Yesterday, I found TJ with my needle, thread and a thimble on his finger...
"I'm quiltin', Grandma!"He poked the needle in and out of the quilt, quite proud of himself.
Note the thimble on his index finger is no where near the quilt!
I have been able (without help from TJ) to move the hoop a few times recently. I really enjoy this area of the quilt. It is more relaxing and less tedious than the big design.Though the motif in the 12" squares are tedious, they really make the quilt!It is slow going, but every stitch counts!
I pray the start of your week has been productive and blessed!!!


Pat said...

Perhaps this would be a good lesson for both of you to learn to sew together. It could be worked into your curriculm and it would be good time together (well baring major unsewing!)and it could be a good start for your daughter on the joys of creating.

Andrea Cherie said...

That reminds me of when I was young, my mom sewed all of our little dresses and jumpers! Vanessa and I always matched!

ps> TJ makes a cute "quilter" :)

Andrea Cherie said...

What size is Charlotte? You might be getting some goodies next time I clean my closet out if she's close to my size! (or will grow into them in the next year or so)

Love Bears All Things said...

The picture that you say Charlotte likes reminds me: one Easter I made matching dresses, bonnets and drawstring purses for my daughter and niece. I have a photo somewhere. I think it was a Holly Hobby pattern. Sewing clothes isn't hard if you can get the size right. I've been thinking about making myself a couple of jumpers.
Here is a site for patterns of a modest nature. www.commonsensepatterns.com
Mama Bear

Linda said...

The skirt would be very easy Bren, but the other two are more detailed and would probably frustrate you to no end, if you're not familiar with dressmaking. Haven't heard from you in ages???

Guðrún said...

TJ is so cute "quilting" on your quilt :) Your quilting pattern is gorgeous.

Rose said...

Your grandchildren are gorgeous. I love the shot of TJ quilting....precious!!( and that quilt is going to be stunning!!!) Little Emerson is just growing every pic!!(id love a cuddle!!!)

Tazzie said...

I always love stopping by your blog and seeing what you're up to. Such darling grandchildren you have, and it's lovely to see your quilting - it's just beautiful.