Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Full Day

Yesterday was very busy, but a fun kind of busy. The morning was routine. School, housework, and I even machine stitched a few seams on the Peter Rabbit Challenge. The afternoon brought my older kids and grandkids. Bud came to help his dad move the large solid oak (weighs a ton) entertainment center from the master bedroom down to the Man Room. I am told by Sweetheart that the kids are allowed to use the Man Room to watch movies and play games. He is more generous than I am! While they did that, Rachel, Emerson and I ran to Joann's for a quick fabric/yarn fix. I needed some border/background fabrics for the Peter Rabbit quilt and Rachel wanted to get some yarn for a baby afghan for her new niece. I ended up with this...and a few extra pastels to add into the mix....I have so much dark facric and hardly any pastels, so I really could not work specifically from my stash. You can never have enough fabric, right?
I never go to the yarn section, so it was kind of fun to see someone look at yarn the way I look at fabric. Rachel ended up getting this gorgeous purple for her new niece.

She is still working on the lap blanket to donate to the retirement home through my church. I love the colors....they match my family room!!!! Just kidding, I am so proud of her.

We also picked up some dishcloth yarn and a book of patterns. The pink is for Rachel and the varigated is for Charlotte. I love knitted/crocheted dishcloths!!!

From there we headed across the way to the Christian bookstore. Little TJ needed a Bible. He had the one I got him as a baby....just a 10 page baby Bible with a cloth cover. Yesterday he got his first big boy Bible. He was not at all interested until he realized it was the same as the Bible we read here at Grandma's, which he LOVES!!!!!
It came with a carrying case too!!!! That he did not care for at all!!!
It is such an unbelieveable honor to purchase a Bible for someone!! I always feel so good doing it, whether it is for a Toddler or an Old Timer!
So while we were off having fun, Charlotte stayed here to watch the little boys (Zach and TJ) and the BIG boys moved that entertainment center, TV, and furniture. The Man Room now has pink chairs, though Sweetheart thinks they look good in there (I agree).

This morning the kids were carrying clothes baskets filled with video tapes down to organize in the door of the entertainment center. I overheard this conversation:

Zach: What does psychotic mean?
Charlotte: I am not sure, maybe you should ask Mom.
Z: I think it might mean "crazy".
C: I think you are right.
Z: In that case, doesn't it seem psychotic to you to carry all these tapes down stairs?
The kid is always looking to expand his vocabulary!! He told me the other night, "Could you please alert me when you are going to turn the light on?"

So what is next for Sweetheart? He wants to finish the furnace room also. It is a large room down stairs and he wants to wall off the furnace, sink, water softener and water heater. This would still give us a nice size L shaped area for workout equiptment. LOOK AT THIS>>>>

That is my TREADMILL, Ugly Betty, under that mess!!!! I gasped out loud when I saw it. Sweetheart assures me it is just fine!!! If not, I better get a new one! The finish of the furnace room will not be finished ceiling at this point and a cheap indoor/outdoor carpet, but that is fine with me. I also found his very next project. I have had this old antique chair for years. It is broken at the is actually a glider/rocker.

Now that the entertainment center is out of my bedroom, I have room for the chair. Hopefully it will be in there before the end of the day!

Right now the kids and I are going to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. It is part of literature and we will read the book together starting next week.
No school tomorrow as my sister and I are going with my Mom to the doctor...your prayers are appreciated. Nothing too serious I do not think, but we need to hear that from the doctor. After the appointment, my mom, sister, and I are going to a special luncheon....I will share later. It is a "God thing" will see.
Have a blessed day and bless someone else!!!
"I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living."
Psalm 27:13 (NAS)


Milah said...

I will be praying for your mom.

Pretty fabrics you got there! Hmmm.....what will she come up with??? I hope to finish mine today and get it off to be quilted, keeping my fingers crossed.

I loved the chatter between the kids. Too funny!

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ Love all the fabrics and yarn. The "Man"room turned out real nice and I think the chairs look great. I am starting the process of making my house "prim" which will take lots of time and money, right now I have the time but not the money so I am working on some stitcheries that I found that are "prim" figure if I do a little at a time someday soon it will all come together...

Andrea Cherie said...

Rachel's lap blanket is coming right along! And the "man room" looks AWESOME! Good job to your hubby and Zach!...better dig Ugly Betty out soon! You don't want to loose habit!

Copper's Wife said...

Wow! The man room looks great! I agree, the pink chairs and the tan/brown walls look great together.

Ugly Betty, huh? I've not thought of naming our treadmill (inherited from my mother in love). I might call her "the library" though, since I enjoy listening to an audio book while I'm walking. hmmmmmm, have to think on that one.

meggie said...

Your fabrics are very nice. Love Zach's mind!
Good thoughts for your Mum.xx

Sweet P said...

Your hubby did a great job on the basement! I love the discussion between Charlotte and Zach. They are smart children.

Donetta said...

big hug