Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have been busy, but have had great progress in several areas! TJ took a trip to The Discovery Center and then to Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday. He and his mom and dad had a great time. They shared some pics with me. It was hard to choose what ones to share with you as they were all so good. He looks so happy in these!
What fun! And where was Emerson??? Why at Grandma's, of course!!! This Chicky wants to move!!!She is grandma's girl!!
So where is all that progress??? Well I made a nice dinner Wednesday evening before we headed out for Awana's....

My mother-in-love bought me a new set of ceramic bake ware (just to bless me) and I LOVE it! There are 3 different sizes and 4 each piece has a lid and a wire rack with a wicker placemat in the bottom. Beautiful. This one is a deep casserole, larger than a 9x13. I made a double batch of Chicken Dressing Casserole for our family and my son's family. It was wonderful!
Other progress is the doors are finally on the storage room in the new "Man Room". It took 2 days!!! Sweetheart says he understands why people make "pre-hung" doors!Don't they look great??!! He is glad that is over. Next is carpet and trim. Zach has been a big help. They sat back this evening and admired their work.I love the color of the walls. I had that color picked out for my bedroom! Now what will I do?
Charlotte and Rachel have made progress on their lap blankets....I forgot to get a picture of Rachel's. It is gorgeous! I love it. Poor Charlotte had to rip hers all out. She was doing something wrong that would have gave her a big circle, but Rachel helped her figure it out and she is on the right path again. I told her it takes practice....I have made my own progress. I got another load of books done and ready to take back to church tomorrow. I am getting closer....
I also started basting my elongated hexagons. I have really enjoyed this process and had to make myself put it away. I can see this becoming an addiction!I have 14 out of 70 I need 77 yellow squares. I have 3. All of those only took a couple of hours, maybe less. It goes very fast. Still, I needed to stay on task with my goals. I worked many hours on my sister's quilt over the last 2 days, and there is much to show for it.I have moved the hoop many times and it is starting to feel like a quilt. I will spend tomorrow and most of the weekend pounding away at it. When my fingers get too sore to go on, I can always pull out some hexagons!! Just kidding...I will persevere, bloody fingers or not!
It was in the 60's today and I was able to get a couple of walks in. Tomorrow is to be warm again, but I think we will get some rain. If possible, I plan to get out and walk some more.
Now, I will turn in and rest for tomorrow...sitting on your rump quilting all day takes alot out of you!!!!!


Niki RuralWritings said...

I love all the grandbaby pics! do you know about the product Thimble It? It's little bits of sticky plastic that you put on your very sore and bleeding fingertips where needed and they work! They stay on and don't interfere with my quilting. Might help you?
Have a great weekend

Andrea Cherie said...

What project doing bunch you all are! My kinda people!

Lynn said...

I have been so inspired, looking around your blog and seeing all the beautiful quilts in progress! I am a brand new quilter, having just completed three in the last six months or so (one I machine quilted; one I tied; and one I cheated and brought to the quilting store where their magic sewing machine did the quilting work). Anyway, I am loving seeing what you're doing, and am so impressed at all the beautiful hand quilting. I guess I will have to try that next, but I worry that one of those might take me about a decade :o Thanks for the inspiration.

the voice of melody said...

It looks like Bob the Builder found himself a great little helper!

What a precious little baby girl too! Thanks for sharing the sweet pictures. :)

Julie said...

I HAVE to come visit you just so we can go to the Discovery place and my baby can play on that Bob the Builder thing. I believe he would wet his diaper with excitement. LOL