Sunday, March 29, 2009

Party Time Part 1

TJ's birthday was a blast for him. Here he is on his new ride!
We took him his gift on Thursday, which was his actual birthday. He said, "When I woke up this morning I was 4!!" He had gotten a big boy bed (a full size) and we bought him all new bedding...he is sleepin in style! Emerson was taking a nap, supposedly......I peeked in, cause you know I had too!!!!She promised not to tell!
TJ's birthday party for both sides of his family was on Saturday. My parents, sister, and one of Rachel's aunts were unable to make it because of the flu. Since it was cold and sleeting, we all had to be indoors. It was a bit crowded, but we all had a place to sit and a great time!
Here are a few pics..... Aunt Robin and my good friend Sue (Bud's Godmother) playing with Emerson...

TJ opening gifts.....All the girls in Rachel's family....her grandma, cousins, sister and Rachel's new niece Kiera, (who Rachel is holding), plus Emerson in Rachel's sister, Megan's lap....Emerson liked that baby!
Rachel's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are the nicest people!!
Here are TJ and Emerson with their Great-Grandma (my Mother-in-love). She is a beautiful woman who adores these babies!!All of Rachel's family , and a few of ours have to travel at least an hour, some of them two hours, so every year we have a nice dinner for them of mosticolli, meatballs, salad, and bread, along with some appetizers. It is always a fun time.
We drove home in a sleeting ice storm and were in our jammies by 7pm! I curled up and worked on my sister's quilt. By tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest, I should be on the border!

Today, Sunday, I woke to a blizzard. By 1pm the sun was shining and the few inches of snow, along with the layer of ice, were melting. Still, I stayed in from church this morning. I decided to work on my Peter Rabbit Challenge. I got the top done.

Sorry....can't show you any more than that! It is SO cute! It screams Easter!.....which is when I will be able to reveal it to you. There will be 5 Peter Rabbit quilts revealed on that day. Mine will just be a top, as I plan to hand quilt it, though I think Winona has hers almost completed, hand quilting and all!!

This afternoon, Charlotte and I attended a "Princess Party" for Princess Alphia's 11th birthday. She lives in our cul de sac, and 3 neighboring princess's and their Queen Mother's all attended. I will share pictures of the affair tomorrow....hence the title "Party Time Part 1"....see you then for Part 2.
Be blessed and be a blessing!


Milah said...

My grandson would love that bicycle, he is all about "Cars".

Thanks for the sneak peak...I can't wait to see what it looks like.;D I love mine too, it also looks perfect for Easter.

Sweet P said...

Happy Birthday TJ! You are one handsome 4-year-old. I love the new wheels! Have fun on them, but be careful.

Mountain Mama said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy TJ!!!

I LOVE the princess party ideas. So cute and lots of fun.

ps yes the wolf pillow is Calebs

Guðrún said...

Birthday parties are great because then the family has a time together.