Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Days

We have had some gorgeous weather here. 60's and now today will hit the 70's...and all sunny! We spent Saturday celebrating Kyle's birthday. A nice dinner of his choice....Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. The kid has no taste in his mouth!
TJ was impressed with the cake and candles and is practicing for his own birthday in a couple of weeks.It was a great day and it ended with me, my mom and Rachel playing bunco with our ladies group at church. Once a year we allow the guys to play and let me tell ya, they are more competitive than the women!! It was a fun night.
Sunday we attended church. Rachel brought the kids to service and then they all came over in the afternoon for a cook out. Burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Mmmmmm. Emerson was as cute as she could be!
There was a huge kickball game in the back yard. My family (minus me as I played with Emerson) Kyle's friend, and several neighborhood kids made a game of 13 people. The kids took no mercy on Sweetheart who wiped out twice. I told them all to be careful with him....he is old! Not too old to play baseball with his grandson!! After all the kids moved to the front for basketball, TJ and Paw Paw worked on some batting practice. TJ has quite the swing!
Monday was bright and beautiful and full of plump chirping robins. Robins everywhere!!! Spring is officially here! I noticed since the time change I wake up to birds chirping in the tree outside my bedroom window. A nice sound to wake up to. A day of school, some light housework, and a couple of walks outside. The kids came to play for a while in the late afternoon. TJ had so much fun here on Sunday that he said on the way home, "I don't belong at home. I belong at Grandma's house." Thankfully my kids (Bud and Rachel) laughed at that. I think TJ and Emerson will be spending the night on Saturday night and by Sunday he will be singing a different tune! TJ played in the sandbox with Charlotte and Zach and a couple of the neighborhood kids. Little Miss Emerson Avery was dressed for a walk!!
We loaded her in her buggy and off we went!!
I had received a phone call yesterday from the leader of our women's Bible study and she asked if I would lead last night. She had an unexpected dinner with her son who made it in from out of town and needed to be there. I told her I would, though I needed to re-do my lessons. We do 2 chapters of a Beth Moore book a week, and it is very different studying to participate and studying to lead. I am not loving this book, but I knew taking a deeper look and doing a more in depth study would be necessary. I am glad I did. The study went well and we stayed on topic and made it through with time to spare for intercessory prayer.
Today we will hurry to get our school work done so we can enjoy the outside again. I need to do some laundry and get a few chores done around here. There will be no need to go out tonight. Thank goodness!! In the last 6 days, I have been out 4 nights until 9 or 10 o'clock. I will be happy to sit and enjoy the evening. Tomorrow night will be Awanas and another night out. Ooooh, I just remembered, I have my little Emerson this morning as Rachel and TJ are going to Monkey Joe's with their MOP's (Mother's of Preschoolers) group. I better get off of here and get ready for her!
Have a blessed and productive day. Enjoy the Son today!
"I delight greatly in the Lord;
my soul rejoices in God."
Psalm 61:10a


Donetta said...

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!!!!!
Wow you have an awesome back yard!
YOur tone is bright I am so glad for the delight in your days

Julie said...

Sounds like a fun and enjoyable weekend! Which Beth Moore study are you doing or did I just miss that post? LOL

julieQ said...

I am glad you are getting some sunshine time!

Winona said...

Bren, happy belated birthday to Kyle. You got some great pictures. I am so glad your whole family had a fun time. It is so nice outside. I have been slowly getting used to working outside again. I can't stay at it like I used to. LOL Hope you have a great day.

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ What a nice family gathering, great picture too. I love blogs that have lots of pictures..
Which Beth Moore study are you doing?? I love her studies...I seen her when she was here in California a few years ago, such an inspiring and powerful lady.

Andrea Cherie said...

Ditto the gal above me, I'm curious as to which Beth Moore you're doing right now. We're in Esther, which I am loving....but the one we did last fall I had a hard time getting into.

You are a blessed woman to have your family so close and together so often!

~Bren~ said...

Ok ladies...don't stone me!! I am doing the Beth Moore study "To Live Is Christ". I am not a big fan of Beth Moore books. I think they are full of wonderful information...I do not disagree with her at all. It is maybe the time I am in in my life. I am enjoying meatier books by Don Nori, Frances Frangipane, Rick Joyner, and John Bevere....right now I am reading "The Bait Of Satan" by John Bevere, which is offense (the bait) so please do not be offended that I am not loving Beth Moore's book. It is just me. Let me say again...Beth Moore is a wonderful lady, it is just my own preference for doing such a long study...50 weeks is long! and we have had breaks so I have been in this same study for close to a year. I am ready to move on. I think our next study will be the Martha Peace study on the Titus 2 woman. That will be a nice change.

Mary said...

Thank you for the well-wishes for my little dog. Whenever anyone gives me a hard time about the extensive care we have provided for this little guy, I send them to Proverbs 12:10 which says, "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast..."

It sounds like you had a great weekend! Happy late birthday to Kyle!

Sweet P said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Kyle! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Spring is almost here in New Hampshire.

Guðrún said...

Say happy birthday to Kyle although it is a little late :)

em's scrapbag said...

Happy Belated to Kyle. I love seeing all your family pictures. What a blessing families are.