Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Goals. If you do not make them, you will not meet them! I have some pretty hefty quilting goals. I figure I would list them here for accountability's sake.

*Finish hand quilting my sister's quilt by April 6th.

My table next to my spot on the couch is always ready for me with my thread, scissors, thimble and a cup of coffee!!!! I am getting a lot done daily.

*Finish piecing the Hidden Star by April 6th. Have it basted and in the hoop by April 8th and finish hand quilting it by mid June. *Cut, machine piece, baste and have in the hoop, the Christmas gift quilt, by September 1st. Have it hand quilted by Christmas. I will be doing the 58x74 size.
Those first 2 are the most pressing. I have plenty of time to get the other done. I am also going to play. During the summer I plan to finish putting the flowers and leaves on the Underground Railroad border, and get that basted and ready to quilt. And there is always the pink and brown....*heavy sigh*. I also want to do a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt in 1 inch hexagons using the feedsack line Cheryl sent me. I am new to hexagons so I need to practice first, right?

I bought these paper pieces at a quilt show several years ago with the desire to make a table runner. They are elongated hexagons and the attaching 1 inch squares. I think it will be a great practice project. I plan to English Paper Piece this project as well as the Grandmother's Flower Garden. You can click on the link to see pictures of the process. It is all by hand and will be a great take along project. I will prep the pieces today in order to take some to Awana's tonight. There is at least 45 minutes of free play time for those 3 year olds and I sit in a rocker watching them all. My hands itch for a needle, so it will be perfect. This is how the elongated pieces go together.
I think it will make a really pretty, scrappy, table runner. The squares will all be the same fabric. Since I am so new to hexagons and I hear they can be quite addictive, I joined in on The Great Hexagon Quilt-Along!Along with 97 other hexagoners (hows that for a made up word, Rose Marie) I will share my process on my hexagon creations! Pop over there....they have some gorgeous quilts!! Thanks Cheryl and Dani....picking out that fabric for me was just the kick I needed to get going on a technique I have always wanted to try. Someday I will also finish up my Grandma's GFG blocks.
There are enough there for a bed quilt. Not English Paper Pieced, but hand pieced. That will be a challenge!....someday.
So there are my quilting goals for this year....
It would not be a post without some kid pics....The grand kids were here for a couple of hours the other day. Emerson enjoyed her green bean lunch!!

TJ went from story time with Uncle Kyle, to video game watching with Uncle Zach!
Charlotte had went to the Cirque du Soleil with our neighbors. She has had her second crochet lesson and learned a 1/2 double crochet. She and Rachel are both making lap blankets to donate to the elderly at a retirement village. I am proud of both of them for donating their time and effort. Charlotte is making hers red....
Zach has been working in "The Man Room" with his dad. They finished painting the walls yesterday. Just the carpet, doors, and trim to do.
The library at church is coming along. Maybe another week or two and it will be done. I am excited to see it finished. What a beautiful library it will be. I will be sure to take pictures when it is complete.

Have a blessed and productive day!!! Remember to ask God what you can do for Him today!


Winona said...

Well Bren, now you went and did it. I looked at the English paper piecing tutorial. I am afraid you have given the bug to try this to me. LOL It looks like a project that I would love in the summer. So, I have way too many things going right now to start it, but I have bookmarked this and have plans of doing some this summer when it is too hot to have a big quilt on my lap. I love all the pictures of the kids and grandkids. The man room is looking great. Your sister's quilt is enough to cause some serious drool. LOL I am thinking that maybe I need to make some goals for quilting as well. Then maybe I wouldn't bounce around on 20 projects at once. Have a great day, my friend.

em's scrapbag said...

Those are some hefty goals. I look forward to watching your progress. I like the idea of a man room. But I'm not telling my boys. They might try to take over my room.

Guðrún said...

You are brave listing your goals, but as you say if you don´t have a goal you won´t meet it.

American Muslima Writer said...

Awesome goals for sure!
i really hope you can accomplish them! I love to make goals though but I don't set dates for them. I'm glad you're strong enough to do that :) My only end date is the end fo the year but even then if I don't get to some it's ok but at least when i see them i know there are things to do when idle (ha when are mothers idle?)
ANyways I lvoed this and your quilts are beautiful. I lvoe snuggly quilts. If I had a better inclination to sew it'd surely spend it on quilts. :D

Karen said...

Goals are good. I wish you luck. :)

Golden Years Gal said...

I love your blog. Your colors, your designs and your photos. This is the very best blog that I've seen so far. I can't wait to see your next one. You've really put a lot of creativity into everything. Superb!

Solstitches said...

I love your Grandmothers Flower Garden hexagons! I joined that blog just last week.
It's been so nice to catch up here . I hadn't even seen the newest addition to the family. What a sweet baby she is.
Well done Charlotte on learning to crochet and making the afghan to donate.
Good luck with your goals!