Monday, March 2, 2009

Life Around Here

Isn't that sweet? I bet you are thinking Sweetheart gave it to me. Nah! It was a gift for Kyle!!! YIKES! He has a "friend". She actually seems very sweet and we had her over for pizza and a movie on Saturday afternoon. Her name is Niki. She seems just around Kyle's same level of function...around the pre-teen age, though she is 20. Oh my gosh, they are talking marriage! Now that will not happen, but they can dream, right? Kyle is very loyal. He had a girlfriend for 12 years. She went to school with him and then 8 years ago we moved away. He has not seen her since, but just "broke up" with her a few months ago when he decided he wanted to be single again. It was very cute. I loved when Krissanne was his girlfriend. I never had to worry cause she was just not around! Niki lives in a girl's group home less than 10 minutes from here! I make sure they are not alone and other than his arm around her in the picture there is not even hand holding. I know I have at least a dozen more grey hairs since Saturday!
Friday, I went to lunch with my mom and then we came back here and played a game of Phase 10. It looked like I would win, but she came from behind and whipped me good!! She began to sing "LaLaLaLaLa"......get it? She said "It's over. The fat lady sings!"Emerson and TJ came for a couple of hours while Mom and Dad ran errands. Emerson was not so sure about "Old Grandma".....That bottom lip came out and she cried when my mom looked at her. She did warm up very quickly and was soon giving Old Grandma lots of smiles. She is at that age where she knows people. She loves her feet.....
She is such a sweet baby!
Let's see....I am reading Debi Pearl's, "Created To Be His Help Meet" I have read many books on marriage and you would think after almost 30 years I would know what to do....well I do know, but need reminding every once in a while. Also, it is good to be fresh as you will run across young women who need help. I am truly enjoying this book. I had just finished the Love Dare book (from the movie Fire Proof) and wondered if I would be bored with more "marriage" reading, but I am thrilled with what I have read so far. In the beginning of the book she asks you to list 10 things you would like to see changed in your marriage. I honestly could not come up with more than 5, (and those were basic, unequally yoked things, like "pray together" and "family devotions") so I asked Sweetheart to tell me 1 thing he would change in our marriage. He had to think too and I was totally shocked at his answer..."I would want a happier wife." Wow. I had no idea I was not showing joy. Ok, so I had a small idea of it. Life has not been the bed of roses I had planned for my 40's and into my 50's. After he said that, I began to read and can you believe it???? This is what I read...
"Being pitiful, hurt, discouraged, and even sickly is one side of a "bad marriage" coin. Men, in general (your husband in particular), are repulsed by women who project this image. A man's spirit tells him his woman is rejecting him and manipulating him when she regularly manifests a broken spirit, and he will react with anger. The other side of that coin includes having a bitter, angry, and resentful spirit."
Wowzer! Theeeen, I read this....
"A wise woman sets a joyful mood in her home. Through laughter, music, and happy times, she creates a positive attitude in her children. She knows that a lighthearted home relieves her husband of stress."
Lots to chew on there. I found it ironic that the first 2 chapters (I haven't went any further yet) had to do with the 1 thing my Sweetheart would change in our marriage. I am excited to read more.
Sunday, we attended church and had a wonderful potluck lunch afterwards. It was such fun! Yahtzee, and Phase 10 were how we spent the rest of the day. I was able to spend some time quilting too.
On the quilting front, I have 4 1/2 rows out of 7 done on the Hidden Star. This pic shows 4 rows.
I am still hand quilting on my sister's quilt, and I got all the Peter Rabbit panels cut out. Zach tried to put them in story order for me. I totally forgot to record the story order. Oh, well. It will be fine.
I also ordered 600 1 inch hexagon papers so I can get my hexagon flowers cut and prepped. The fabrics are all ready to wash...aren't they gorgeous!?I will add to them, but these will give me a nice start. I think I will do the centers in the yellow, then a solid coordinating fabric, then the print for a 3 layer flower.
And last, but not least,
I want to wish Winona a very Happy Birthday!!!!Yes, that is a rat on her shoulder! It is such a lovely picture of her though. The rat is her grandson's pet. Make sure you stop by Winona's blog and wish her a happy birthday!!!!


Niki RuralWritings said...

Gosh that quilt is gorgeous, even on a computer screen. I find that pictures on computer don't do fabrics anywhere near their justice.
Emerson is delicious! It must be so much fun dressing a little girl. Maybe one day we'll have a "pink" grandchild.
We saw fireproof and really liked it, I didn't know there was a book, I'm going to see if I can get it. I did read the Pearl book several years ago, but I'm thinking I'll read it again, as you said, a refresher is always good, no matter how long you've been married.
Have a good week!

Winona said...

Oh Bren, thank you for the birthday wishes. It has been a good birthday so far, although I have only been up a couple of hours. I spent about an hour with our Lord and that always starts my day out right. I think I will drag out my Created to Be His Helpmeet. Something tells me I need a refresher course. Emerson is darling as usual. I love that quilt. It is just gorgeous. I still haven't started my rabbit quilt yet. I plan to this week. Glad Kyle has a friend. They look cute together. Well, my friend, I think I will make a blog post wishing myself happy birthday. LOL You are the best. Winona

Susan said...

I know where you're coming from with Kyle and his girlfriend - got a kick out of that! :)

I've read Created to Be His Helpmeet too, and it was those first two chapters that convicted me the most. My husband loves for me to be joyful, and so many times I get caught up in the "I wish . . ." mindset. Maybe I should go back and read that again, too. Another really good book that I read recently is For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. It literally changed my mind and my attitudes (even in the midst of some hormonal difficulties!) about my husband. I got it from the library, but after I read some of it to my husband and asked what he thought about it, he bought me my own copy along with the study guide. And he bought the one for men for himself. He is thinking about doing a Bible study for our church based on these books. I'm planning to do a review on my blog.

Whew! Didn't mean to write my own post. Love your quilt you're working on - still trying to get the hang of hand quilting on that doll quilt, and I started a baby quilt. In the process of cutting the fabric now.

Love Bears All Things said...

I am so anxious to start something new in the quilt line but must finish this one UFO that has been around so long. I suppose I could have two projects going at once.

I don't know what to say about Kyle and his friend. I know this must worry you some because because although their mental acuity might be 13 or 14, their bodies are not. Does he talk about wanting to have a wife and family?

The book you're reading sounds very informative and must be a God send if you are already finding areas that speak to you.

I wanted to speak to you abut the praying together part. Some years back our church had this thing we were supposed to do where we read a devotion every night and prayed together. It brought us closer I think. Honey Bear is always open when I suggest that we do pray together but it isn't something we do on a regular basis. We do, however, always take turns saying grace while holding hands at our Saturday breakfast table.

Last night he asked me what percentage of my week I spent in anger. I told him I am rarely angry so I couldn't even grade it on a weekly basis. He was reading that anger contributes to cancer. There have been times in my life when I was angry and unhappy but not now. I hope you find a way to resolve your unhappiness.
Mama Bear

Dani said...

I have to say, they're a very cute couple!

Ooooh those fabrics!!! I hope the drool was dry on them before they arrived to you ;-) My mom and I saw so many fun fabrics that day, I think these topped the list.

Copper's Wife said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the book! Yee haw!

LOVE your mom!!! She cracks me up!

And, oh, my! Doesn't Kyle look pleased with himself in that picture! Sweet!