Friday, March 20, 2009

The Hutch

I have had this hutch for YEARS! I can not even remember when I got it. It has been all over my home...this one and my last home too. It is not an expensive heirloom piece of furniture as you can tell, but I am attached to it. I have always loved it in my eating area. It holds all my treasures. You can see the bottom shelf in my coffee set has the place of honor. This hutch use to be in the entryway at one time.
When we first moved into this home it was in the master bedroom and held the TV. Once we got the big screen, the big oak entertainment center and bigger TV went into the master bedroom and the beloved hutch came down stairs. Why am I sharing all of this??? Well since the "man room" took the big oak entertainment center, Sweetheart has wanted to move my treasure holding, hutch upstairs to the master bedroom where (he says) "it belongs". I have fought this for several days. I have argued,"What will we put in it's place?", "There is not enough room in the bedroom", and not least, "WHERE will I put my treasures????" That last one was always said with a tad bit of whine for emphasis. He had an answer for every one of my questions, but the last one. Whew! He loves me enough to know my treasures are important. So what does he do??? He spends the last 4 days building a "treasure box".After that, I can't possibly continue to argue! I would seem ungrateful, right? It is not done yet, but my beloved hutch is in it's new spot. In it's place.....the bench. Remember I just recently moved that bench into my bedroom??Sweetheart recovered it with this pretty fabric (I have enough to make a matching table runner for the table)and now the bench is in place of the hutch.
Sweetheart is happy, as he designed and created this bench for this exact spot!

My bedroom now houses the hutch.Along with the TV and some family pictures, I have my 2009 reading list of books pulled and on one of the shelves. (I may as well enjoy it, right? I am thinking this as I sit here with a little pout going on.) I did get my antique rocker repaired (thank you, Sweetheart) and brought up to my bedroom.
Sweetheart made the table next to it several years ago. I look forward to spending some time reading in that chair. This weekend I plan to read these new books I just got today....Rachel picked them up for me when she went out today. I collect Biggest Loser books and asked her to grab the "30 Day Jump Start". She text me and said the "Fitness Program" looked really good, so I got it too!
When I finish reading them, they will go in the bottom of the hutch, which now holds all my other fitness/diet books along with my personal favorites in other genres.
Neat and organized. That is a good thing.
Along with some power reading, I plan to get the inside of my sister's quilt finished this weekend. Once that is done, I just have the border to do. Look at all that texture.....Just a few small blocks to go!!! My grandbabies are coming to spend the night tomorrow night, so I will need some down time on Sunday!
By Monday my "treasure box" should be up and I will share it with you. I am really missing my stuff!!! I promise I will be done pouting by then!!!
Have a blessed and productive weekend!
"Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?"
Isaiah 43:18-19a


NeeCee said...

What a wonderful husband you have to make such treasured gifts! You are a blessed woman.

Linda said...

Change is never easy, especially when we get used to the way things are, or the way we think they should be, we find it difficult to find the blessing in it all. Your dh is a real sweetie coming up with what looks like a perfect and beautiful compromise.

Donetta said...

You funny girl soon you will be typing us how much you have grown to love it! You'll say oh! that was so nice to have that bench back where it was and how wonderful to have m rocker. Just need a good reading lamp and a foot stool.
Now as for that quilt.............................
Oh how I wish I was your sister!
O.K. i know i know ...never mind
I am so happy for your sister :)

Niki RuralWritings said...

Your sweetheart is a sweetie! Your Treasure shelf looks lovely (what we have seen of it so far!) I love the fabric on the bench. I'm all about fabric these days....! :)

Andrea Cherie said...

You have a wonderful husband! The bench looks great in it's new home downstairs and I'm anxious to see the treasure box he's building! What's even more special is the the treasure box will be a treasure too! I cherish each item Jason has built for me :)

Guðrún said...

How exciting to get a treasure box just built for you.

Milah said...


Your furniture projects have all turned out great! You should be proud of that hubby of yours!

The star quilt looks awesome! I love the colors and the quilting is amazing!

Rose Marie said...

Somehow, I just can't imagine you pouting! :o) Love that rocker and you are doing great with your sister's quilt.

Anonymous said...

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