Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Today's tackle is maintenence related. I love fountains. The picture of the fountain above is not one I own, but it is one I want. I think it would be perfect next to the cozy spot I have for doing hand work. Right now, I have my current favorite next to my chair. I like this one because it has rocks in it. I added the "talking" rocks. Has anyone read any books by Emoto? He talks about how water reacts to emotion. Very interesting. I had not attended to the couple of fountains I own in a while. They needed to be cleaned. I only use purified water in them, so it was an easy tackle. This one is in my entryway, where my favorite used to be. I will add the flower fountain and this patio sized fountain to my goal poster. I love the sound of a fountain and the style of this one will be beautiful on my back deck. (you can find both at Walmart.com)My kids love fountains too. Kyle was given one for his room on Valentine's day. The little kids will need to grow a bit before I mix water and electricity in their rooms!

I was looking at my goal poster the other day and realized I have accomplished 4 major things on the poster. Another I decided was not a goal I would strive for. Now I am adding the fountains and another quilt related project. It is ok to have a goal for material things.
One of the goals I had was to set up reading baskets for everyone. These have been wonderful and are doing their job in encouraging reading not only in the kids, but also for me. I placed my reading basket next to my chair in the new living room. I also have my handwork basket there. The big quilt is on the other side.I keep a journal in my book basket too, and have my daily affirmations in it. I pick that up before anything else everyday. Today I will also tackle this stack of squares, all ready to be sewn into beautiful little 9 patches. To see what others are tackling today, visit 5 Minutes For Mom. Did you tackle anything this week?


Love Bears All Things said...

I love fountains too. I have one I'm not using that was a door prize. It had rocks but not enough, I think I'll add some as you have done.
I love the patio fountain you showed. Do you have an online source for it? Or a store?
I'm loving my visits here.
Mama Bear

Amydeanne said...

awww those are so pretty!

Brenners said...

Cool. Another Bren in the world. :~)

Lynne said...

The fountains are so pretty! I'd love to have one out on my back patio.

I love all of your quilts, very pretty. :-D


MrsRitchey said...

It is so nice to have you back! I have been having computer troubles as well. Sometimes I can get on the internet, sometimes not, and only through a back door so to speak. I can't open anything on my computer either! But I managed to get on, and am happy to be able to read your blog again! You really inspire me! I have been toying with taking one of the folding tables up to my bedroom, to start a quilting project. That way, I can keep my stuff out somewhat...if I can keep the kids away. But I need to buy my supplies first. I have a sewing machine....I just need to decide on what to make. Any suggestions? Then I can go get material.


Niki RuralWritings said...

I don't own any fountains...I wonder if I'd like one...hmmmmm, what does (and who is) Emoto???
Things are looking lovely in your home.

MrsRitchey said...

Hi Bren,
My computer is still up, I guess you could say I am getting my fill, in case I can't get on again for a while! I might make that table topper that you showed, or I might pick a pattern from some quilt pattern books that my mom gave me. I looked online, and I really like that Irish chain design. I saw one, and thought it was pretty cute, especially if I found some fabric (thanks for educating me on quilting vocab) that has some pictures in it. I remember seeing some with cute little tea pots. Anyways (this comment is way too long....sorry!) but would you suggest a rotary cutter? Can I just cut pieces by hand, or would that lead to an early quilting death?


Melanie said...

Those are just beautiful!

Wendy said...

The fountains are fantastic...so soothing to hear the water running.

Copper's Wife said...

Love the fountains!

Corrin said...

oh, i love that garden fountain!


Heather said...

Love the fountains -- and your quilts! I think I'd feel right at home at your place. ;o) Great tackles! Did you get your piecing done?

Donetta said...

So good to have you back. I love your fountains. they are so peaceful to listen to. I see your rest from blog time was productive. I hope all is well for you and yours.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

As they would say to Mr. Kotter...welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!!
Love the little cartoon!
That green pot fountain is my pick, I love that! Tracey

Marilyn R said...

I love fountains too! Wish I had room for that beautiful green one that you showed - neat!