Friday, December 21, 2007

Back On Track

Ok, so I repented and now I feel better. Forgive my previous rant post. Kyle's family doctor's office called back and will continue to find him a specialist. They will continue to see him even though he is 100% medical card. Oh how horrible for our disabled, what they must endure.

Onto other things. It is 1 am. Kyle wakes up EVERY NIGHT at 12:30 to go potty. I did not know this, but for the last several nights he has slept in my room, like clockwork he gets up at 12:30. So therefore I get up at 12:30. Tonight I could not go back to sleep, so here I am. Joni and the Farmer made the kids day today!! They received this wonderful game. Zach can read now. Did I mention that? When the package came, he met the mailman at the door, tipped him 11 cents, and read the package. He knew it was from Joni and it was addressed to our last name, so he opened it. Charlotte came in on it too. It was gave them HOURS of fun! Thanks Joni. She received my package today too. Remember those cute girls? They were for Joni. Here is Rachel, modeling Joni's apron.
Joni does not raise this kind of cow, but Zach insisted right in the middle of the fabric store that "Joni loves ALL cows!" He seemed horrified that I would even question it. I do believe she does love all cows.
I spent yesterday morning making Cinnamon rolls for Sweet Hubby to take to work. These are a long drawn out process, but so worth it. Not a healthy snack...they contain 2 pounds of butter...8 sticks!! (2 are in the icing) I filled 3 disposable cake pans for Sweet Hubby to take to work in the morning. The above picture is taken just before the final rise. They turned out beautiful and the cream cheese frosting is the BEST EVER!
Wednesday, I received a beautiful fabric post card from Linda. My first ever! It is gorgeous Linda! Thank you! I also wanted to share Charlotte's new quilt design. She did it herself. She also drew a laptop on a piece of paper and asked me if I would help her think of her new blog name!!! Boy, they really watch us don't they!? Her quilt design has a Spring/Winter theme...I think applique will be her thing! She started with the butterfly theme, but like her mother, needed to "move on" and added snowmen. She was very proud of it, and she should be! I was honored with an award from Angelina and wanted to share it. This award was created by Kelley and you can read more about it here.
She says:
When the girls and I want to express our mutual admiration in public we say ‘Less than Three’ . The symbol forms a sideways heart, representing love.
I pass this award on to the blogs I read. I trust you will grab this award and post it. I am so thrilled with all the quilter's that took the "treasure" award. Keep passing it to other quilt related blogs. They are all such a treasure!
Oh, and last but not least, my apron swap partner got her apron, so I can share it with you. And a scrunchi to match!!


Kathie said...

I am so glad to hear that they will continue to treat him. good for you being his advocate...

QuiltingFitzy said...

After the holiday of course, why not enlarge Charlotte's blocks and teach her fusable "applique". She can do as many as she has the attention span for! Two of my 3 girls began on postcards. The project was small and fusables were easy. 'Spose you could also easily turn them into embroidery projects. They are darling!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh, poor thing, I would have been so frustrated as well...I get upset when my kids can't see a dentist immediately with toothache! that situation would make me yell too.
Pleased he is sorted, loved the quilt designs, postcard and aprons are too cute, lol Tracey

teodo said...

Bren..........all will be better I'm sure.

BUON NATALE MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your wonderful family.
Hugs ciao ciao

Joni said...

I am so glad they liked the game. And I do love all cows and these black and white beauties are so lovely too! I will be wearing my apron when I start cooking!! I like Charlotte's quilt idea. She seems rather industrious when she wants to be!! Will keep Kyle in my thoughts!

Angelena / CountryLife said...

We have the Farmopoly game too! My boys love to play it!!

PraiseHim said...

Bren, I am so glad that Kyle will be able to see his doctor! Zach tipped the mailman 11 cents...too cute! I bust out laughing when I read that! I am glad the kids like their game. Cute apron, of course Joni loves all cows! I would like to attempt to make cinnamon rolls, but *gasp* I am afraid I would mess them up. It looks very complicated! You are so talented! Have a blessed day!

Karolee said...

Glad you are feeling better - and glad to hear that the doctor will continue to treat Kyle. How frustrating!

I pray you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. May God bless you.


Copper's Wife said...

That Charlotte! Like mother, like daughter! What an amazing quilter she will grow up to be.

What a great idea to make a matching scrunchy to go with the apron.

Libby said...

Keep searching . . . the proper medical care is out there.