Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Big Loser!!!!

Eating to Live...not living to eat.

This is my plan for 2008. The same as about a trillion other Americans. We ARE FAT! I am tired of being fat. I lose and gain the same 30 pounds once a year. It is really hard to lose that 30 but somehow it goes back on so easy. I do not think it is healthy to lose and gain that 30 pounds over and over either. Now since I quit smoking over a year ago, I have put on 40 pounds, but let me tell has gone on my body in a very different way. My middle use to be thin...I had that hour glass shape to me even when I was heavy. Now I have no shape...more like an apple. Since I started baking I have added even more inches. Baking is not bad...will power, or lack of it, is what is bad. One of the fruits of the Spirit is "self control" I have none where sugar is concerned. I love sugar. It makes me feel good...for a second, then the after effects are terrible. I get rapid hard heartbeats after eating anything with High Fructose Corn is called dumping syndrome and is awful. Ketchup, unless organic, makes me very ill. I get tired and need a "nap" after eating sugary treats. Of course I do not eat just 1 cookie, and my "slice" of pie is equal to 1/4 of the entire pie...those "slivers" add up! So what to do??? I have done Atkins and lost 63 pounds. I did not eat a piece of bread, noodle, or potato for an entire year. I looked GREAT! and felt really good too. Problem is my body can not flip flop back and forth...I need a lifestyle change. A program that is something I can live with for the rest of my life. I have had great success with Body For Life in the past. Not as many pounds came off but I changed my body in a way that I actually saw "definition". I also felt good. Weight Watchers is a great program too. Not for me. I feel sick on it. I am thinking I will go back to Body For Life. This will mean LOTS of work and I will need to get the treadmill back up somewhere, somehow. Here are my 2 cookbooks that will become my best friends.
Bill Phillips designed the Body For Life program and his cookbook, Eating for Life has some great recipes. The Biggest Loser cookbook has many also and they are easily used in the Body For Life program. PLUS...Angie has lived this program and can encourage me along the way. My first goal...50 pounds. I am even going to put one of those little tracking deals on my sidebar to keep track of pounds lost. I will not blog on a regular basis on this subject as, "WHO CARES!", but I may do a weekly update on my progress. I am old. Too old to be raising little kids and be fat along with it. So far, at 47, I have had no surgeries in my life, I am not on any medications, and have no health issues to speak of. I am testing God here if I keep on the path of obesity.
On the quilting front, I am finishing up the binding on Kyle's gift quilt. His teacher is coming Friday (she thinks) and he will give it to her then.We still have not gotten Kyle into see a Neurologist. I cried on the phone to the nurse and I think she will talk to the doc herself. I was so completely horrified. We have paid insurance premiums on Kyle for 21 years. We have paid 20 % plus copays of all his medical care (which has been extensive), all the while he qualified for medical assistance. We chose not to do this as he is our son and we felt to take from our government when we did not need to was wrong. After Kyle graduated at 21, our insurance dropped him. He now HAD to have a medical card. Well guess what?? When you have a medical card, you do not get in to a doctor just because you have a referral from your family doctor and you need to see a specialist. NEVER have I felt like such a...what's the word?....LOSER in my life (and not the weight loss kind). So after crying to this lady about how we did the "right" thing for years, only to now be treated second class because we HAVE to have a medical card, was heartbreaking for my son, she changed her tone and said she would take care of it herself and call me back this afternoon. Pray that Kyle is seen SOON. I am off to spend my Wednesday with Sweet Hubby and the is our Saturday, and hopefully get some more sewing done on this binding.


Belvie said...

((Hugs to you Bren))! I'm saying my prayers for Kyle.

I hear your words about dieting too. I have also vowed to find a way to shed a few in the new year. Diabetes meds makes mine a bit challenging, but I'm going to work hard at it.

Karolee said...

Losing these last 10 pounds is harder than losing everything else. The worst part is - I keep losing them and they keep coming back!

meggie said...

Big Hugs Bren!
I find it stinks in the medical world, when it all comes down to dollars.

I hope that compassionate nurse does the right thing - or les us hope the Doctor does the right thing.

Losing weight can be such a merry-go-round. I seemed to be lucky when young, & kept fit. Now my sin is not sugar, - I dont use it for drinks, dont care if I never have sweets. Pastry, & savoury is my big love. Not so good for the aging bod! Or the pear shaped bod!

I did really well with Fit for Life when I was younger, as I love veggies.

Niki RuralWritings said...

Oh Bren more power to you on the weight loss plan, I too need to lose weight. I quit smoking in 1998 and never lost the weight I put on then. Maybe I can get inspired too! My heart breaks for Kyle and the shabby system! I hope the nurse is able to do some good, quick!

Guðrún said...

I know the problem about weigh loosing but better the weigh gaining, boy oh boy this is a big battle and a a never ending story. There is a problem with the health care system in every country, it is strange that you don´t have the "right" to see a doctor unless you... something, it is a human right I think to get treated if you are ill.

Charlene said...

Seems we are thinking alike today Bren. I am thinking about making Wednesday's Live Well Wednesday's beginning in January!

Donetta said...

Big hug. Watch and see what provision will come along.
I love the hair clips to hold the binding. I finally fished Dash's quilt int the early hours.
Your quilt is pretty.
I have done the same thing. I am disabled so to speak but never got government help because we handle it. I have some concern for my future for I was not employed long enough to get Medicare. I know God is good. Kyle will be fine. :)
I bombed this week on my weigh loss. Old habits die hard.

Debi said...

I am with you on losing the weight. I started my "diet" on Monday. I will keep your family in my prayers.

Marilyn R said...

I understand about the weight loss. I had lost quite a bit with Weight Watchers, but hit a plateau that lasted quite a while. I didn't quit WW because I knew I would gain it all back. I am now trying to maintain until after Christmas, then it will be back to business. Weight loss isn't an easy thing, but it is a good thing! I will continue praying for Kyle.

Kelley said...

Hey there!
I too definitely need to lose weight!
I was thin up until I had children and have really packed the pounds on and need to lose it!

I am praying for you all and especially Kyle.

Wishing you a blessed Thursday!

Lib said...

Hi Nren,
I'm hoping and praying things works out for Kyle.That has to be so aggrevating!
Gppd luck with your eating Lifestyle.
Blessins', Lib

Lib said...

Sorry Bren how I spelled your name, I can spell just can't type!

Patty said...

I watched Biggest Loser last night and wow was I inspired but also felt a bit self defeted, I decided I didn't have that many hours in the day to exercise, but I am sticking with my plans to see that 134 lbs again before next year this time.
I can't bake, I eat what I bake !

Joni said...

I have had to quit baking altogether Bren. We sure don't need the extra pounds that will surely be put on with those goods. I think Carly could help you alot in the area of exercise. Walk her every day! She will be a better dog for it!! Good luck!

PraiseHim said...

Bren, I am praying for Kyle! I can't possibly say I know what you are going through, so I will just send prayers and hugs your way! I know what you mean about slimming down. My largest jeans are tight in the waist... something has GOT to give, and it won't be me buying bigger pants!:o) Joni is right, walking is great exercise... but it looks cold where you live. I'm a fair weather girl!

Angie said...

Hi Bren ...
Wow ... thank you for mentioning me and excited you put me in part of your post! Now the pressure's on!! :) Thank you. I will be doing a post on this in the near future.
As far as tips ...
*Keep the excitement going. There'll be days when you just don't want to face the "hurt", but it's so worth it. Having a friend to do it with ... even your hubby is a huge help. When you don't feel like doing it, they do. Plus you have someone to do a friendly "competition" with.
*Be prepared ... the eating, menus (I happen to have the Eating for Life book ... it's wonderful ... great recipes!!) and workouts. The hard part is eating SMALL meals ... I have a huge appetite so it's tough for me to stop. Something that's my problem.
*Push hard in the workouts ... it's so hard and you may not feel like it, but when it's over you feel so good. Not only that, but you'll notice you're getting stronger - able to run or bike further at a faster pace ... able to lift more, etc.
*Keep me informed as to how you're doing :) (my last suggestion) :)You'll inspire me! You already are.
Anyway ... before January I'll get a post up on this specific "Body for Life" subject. :)
God bless!!