Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tales From The Scales

I am on my new weight loss journey...AGAIN. Yes, I do this often and am most of the time very successful, just to put it back on. I am glad I can be accountable to someone....everyone. On Wednesdays I will post a little update with the link back to Tales From The Scales. I found this cool site from my friend Donetta. It is encouraging to visit the others working so hard at dropping some poundage.

Here was my breakfast this morning:
It was GROSS!!! I just could not drink it. I love Myoplex Lite but it is very expensive. I found a place where I could get it cheaper. Still not as cheap as the Whey protein, but if I can not drink it, it is a waste.
Today is my first official day on my weight loss program, but I have lost 3 pounds in the last several days. I am sure it is a fluke, but I will take it. I will update my ticker every Wednesday too. I am not going to be jumping on the scale everyday, if I can help it.
Tonight my dinner is not conducive to weight loss, but I am not grocery shopping until tomorrow so I won't worry about it. I tried to make whole wheat bread today and it was a bust! The ingredients were so tough that my bread machine threw most of them over the sides of the pan. I followed the bread machine recipe to a tee. I will need to find another one...I think Cheryl has one listed in her recipes.
If you are on this same journey, join us at Tales From The Scales!


Mama Bear June said...

Welcome to the challenge, Bren! I have a little tip for you to make the protein shake taste better. I add frozen, whole (not sweetened) strawberries to my protein shake and a little bit of Hershey's choc syrup. The strawberries cover the whey protein taste and make it like an ice cream shake. ;-)
Path to Health

Debi said...

I have already joined you in the weight loss for 2008. I don't weigh every day either, about every 3-4 days. Good luck.

ann said...

Good luck on your weight loss journey Bren. I get discouraged with diets (because I usually give up pretty quick) so this year I am focussing exercising.

I'll be checking in to see how great you're doing!

PraiseHim said...

I'm right there with you, Bren! However, I will not be starting until next week. I feel very yucky right now, so I don't have the strength to start a diet!

Nadine said...

Hi, Bren !
Welcome to the club ! LOL

This, to tell you that weight loss is on my big resolutions list for 2008. However, I just decided to eat RESONABLY of EVERYTHING, which means approx. THE HALF compared to my actual quantities (I use a smaller plate),
AND to stop eating between the meals except fruit,
AND to drink a lot of water.

That's all and I know it works, WITHOUT gaining afterwards.... simply because you can live your whole life through with that strategy, which is not a diet, rather a good habit.

So, my friend, if you allow me an advise (and you'll do whatever you like of it) : be careful with these (expensive) protein meals : they give you high satiety, you don't feel hungry, that's true, and you lose weight quickly, true also... However, you cannot reasonably "eat" that way your whole life through, so you'll gain weight (maybe more) when you come back to normal meals... I can tell you that, because I lived it.

To me, there's only one reasonable (slower but durable) solution :

EAT LESS but of everything (frustration leads to nervousness and failing),

EAT SLOWLY (it takes 20 minutes for your brain to tell your stomach "I'm not hungry any more",

MOVE MORE and regularly (better half an hour walk everyday, than two hours gym once a week).... I'm giving myself one year to lose these d.... 40 pounds.

Of course, dear, this is only my own point of vue and I do hope you're not angry at me for this comment...
Wishing you (and me) the best luck in this project (we're on the same boat !)

With a biiiig (((HUG))) and smiles to you!

Lib said...

Hi Bren,
Good luck with your new lifestyle eating plan!
Blessins' Lib

Bren said...

I just love you Nadine!! Your wisdom is so big!

Nadine said...

THANKS, Bren, you're a sweetie and you make me blush...
Together, we will succeed !

Big, special ((HUGS)) to you !

Kelley said...

Hey Bren,
I have been trying to comment for so long {my silly computer}
I just want you to know that I too am trying to lose weight this year...
I am starting on Tuesday Ü
I have so much to lose but I am going to have a positive attitude!
I will be thinking of you and praying for you too!

Jenn said...

I've heard that Myoplex formula was changed and not as good tasting anymore....but I agree I used to LOVE that stuff!!

I, too, am continuing my weight loss journey this year! I hope to reach my goals by August and then STAY there....LOL

I like mama bear June's idea!!!

Jenn :)