Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Today is my Dad's birthday! He is 71 years young. He is a retired (what he always referred to as a) "factory toad". He provided a great living for our small family. My sister and I never had a need that was not met because my father had such a strong work ethic. After his retirement he began working for the Park District maintaining a major golf course. He is an avid golfer and loves to be busy. We all knew "retirement" would not be something that my dad would do well. He works from April through Thanksgiving and then he is off for the winter season. My parents usually go on a trip somewhere. This year is Florida. My dad will spend lots of time playing golf on this trip! This morning he was out shoveling his driveway. All the grandkids (6) (and great grandkids..he has 3) adore him! I think he is one of Zachary's favorite people in the world! Here are some pictures of him in "the day"! In this first one, he is holding me (his first born). This one is when he was in the Air Force (BC...before Charlotte--my mom). He trained MP dogs. He is still a huge dog lover...his dog Ike is extremely spoiled and dad would have it no other way.This one was in his first year of marriage...they were expecting me.A more current photo with my mom. They were married on Feb 29, 1960. My dad has always maintained they only have a wedding anniversary every 4 years! Happy Birthday Dad!!! We love you!!!


Debi said...

Happy Birthday to your father. What great pictures. My father will be 72 in January and I need find pictures of him when he was younger.

PraiseHim said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! Loved the photos! I hope he has a wonderful day!

Niki RuralWritings said...

what wonderful parents you have! Happy Bday to your dad,
I'm going to go relax now, but I'll be back tomorrow