Monday, March 17, 2008

Books, Furniture, and Kitchen Skills

I saw my first robin yesterday. A sure sign that Spring is here. The trees are full of buds and tulips are poking up through the soil.

Sweetheart (Sweet hubby's new handle, since this is what I call him anyway) and Bud spent yesterday building my new bookcase. It will be 8ft tall and 4 ft. wide. Lots of space for books! I love to see my husband and our son work side by side. They both enjoy it too.
Much of the weekend was spent moving furniture and creating space for books. I have boxes of books in the basement because there is just no room. I am hoping this will be the remedy. I moved a small bookcase into the formal living room and put my favorite books here. Mostly inspirational books.
The piece of furniture that was in this spot is now by my chair.
The piece of furniture in that spot is now in the entryway. I moved the hutch from the entryway to the eating area. My small selection of housekeeping/homemaking books are here. The frame on the middle shelf holds this picture of me and my sister. I am on the right cradling my "baby". I spent MANY hours in this little kitchen, practicing my skills. I will admit, 40 years later I am still learning. I have some rituals in my kitchen that I must do. One is that after I clean my kitchen in the evening, wipe out my sink, and everything is done, I put out a new kitchen towel and dishcloth for the next day. I do it the same every night. I fold the towel and then the dishcloth, stacking them on the counter next to the sink. It is my final step that says "the kitchen is closed until tomorrow". Rachel and I have a favorite dish soap and I have not been able to find it for a while. I finally got a new for me and one for Rachel. You never saw someone so excited about a bottle of dish soap as Rachel was. It has a wonderful cherry-almond smell to it. If you see this, grab a bottle. I get it at the health food store. I mentioned how I am still all probably know this, but it was new to me. Remember, I just started scratch cooking recently and always made my cakes from a box mix. When making a spice cake from scratch, the recipe called for sour milk....ewwwww. Well I learned that to sour milk, all you need to do is add vinegar or lemon juice to the milk and let it sit 5 minutes. I had no idea. What I did know, was anytime you use citrus fruit, throw the rind down the garbage smells wonderful and is a natural antiseptic.
Speaking of recipes, here is where I store my select cookbooks and recipe box. I have shared this before. It is a shelf just above the desk nook, off the kitchen.
All those hours in my "first "kitchen" as a child hold so many unforgettable memories for me and my sister. I was born to be a wife and mother. Some people may find that dull and think it is a waste of "talent". I, however, feel it is the highest calling a woman can have, to be a full time keeper of the home. I don't always do the best job, and anyone else may have fired me long ago, but Sweetheart and the kids are all content. As the picture says, I have a busy day today. Much of my morning routine is already done, but I still have school and laundry, and I better get started! Have a blessed day!


Katie said...


Your home is so warm and inviting! :-)

Thanks for the tip on putting the citrus rinds down the disposal ~ I had never thought of that!! I usually pour vinegar down there from time to time, but I definitely think lemons would smell much better! :-)

Blessings as we begin our week,

Mountain Mama said...

Sweet picture of you and sis! Spring is such a great season. Enjoy the birds, buds, and tulips!
We don't really have spring in the mountains. The snow melts - its muddy - its summer.

Debi said...

You have had a busy day, you make me tired! I love the picture of the robin...we actually saw a blue jay on Saturday.

meggie said...

Your home looks lovely. How lucky to have a couple of Handy Men, to make you a bookcase!

Copper's Wife said...

Yee haw, a new bookcase!!!! I love the way you've moved things around, too. It's a sure sign of spring around here when I start moving stuff around!

Niki RuralWritings said...

Loved this post. The furniture looks very good in it new homes.

Patty said...

wow Bren you have been a busy gal !
I tried that dish soap but it didn't make enough bubbles for me : ) I love the scent though.
What a great bookcase and better still that your son and husband made it together.

The Feathered Nest said...

I like the way you've moved things around! I always put my lemon & orange rinds down the disposal - it helps make it smell nice too!


Donetta said...

I enjoyed my visit. I am so glad your men are working together. How wonderful that is. I guess I'll be setting up a new home one day in the future. Strange to think of doing that all over again. I 'll have to dream of it and imagine. I love that picture of you as a child. I too was born to be a wife and mother. The highest calling indeed.
I'd love to contact coopers wife but she has a set up on her blog that I do not understand. Tell her I enjoy reading her posts.

Marilyn R said...

I too spent many hours as a child playing with play kitchen things. I loved my Susie Homemaker Oven! I still like to bake over anything else to do in the kitchen. Wish I liked to clean like you do though! Thanks for bringing back the childhood kitchen memories! I noticed your masterpiece quilt by your chair! Keep at it! I can't wait to see it finished!

Love Bears All Things said...

I loved this post and seeing all the pictures. I know you will enjoy your sewing room now unless you are like I was a first and hate to mess it up.
I was trained to be a wife and mother, too. I took 4 years of Home Economics in school. The 4th year I was more of a teachers aid. I love all the different jobs this requires. The role was sort of looked down on in the 70s and I will admit I felt inferior at times. We all know just how many roles we play and how much it would cost to replace us.
I knew the one about sour milk but not the lemon in the disposal.
Mama Bear