Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Live Well Wednesday & Poetry

One of the best things I ever did for my health was to stop smoking. I have smoked on and off since I was 14 years old. I have started and stopped 3 or 4 times over the years, once quitting for 13 years straight. This time I quit and have not smoked in a year and 1/2. I LOVED cigarettes. I enjoyed them and like the taste. I KNOW they are not good for me, so I determined to stop and never go back. Stressful situations find me wanting one. I love the smell of a freshly lit cigarette, but after the initial thrill, it just stinks...I really dislike the smell of stale cigarette smoke on people and in cars, etc. Anyway, my point is that enjoying something does not make it ok. I REALLY enjoy cream filled chocolate long johns too. Along with the ciggies, those are history.

I decided not to weigh myself every week, but only once a month. It will be the 3rd Wednesday of the month as I figure that is the best time for me NOT to be holding water ;) I have stuck to my plan with no cheating and feel very good. Maybe I will have a need for this ad someday....
I doubt it!!!!!
March is National Nutrition Month. To celebrate, why not become more aware of what it is you are putting into your body? Have you ever seen the show "You Are What You Eat"?It is on the BBC daily, and is chock FULL of great info. The host, holistic nutritionist, Gillian McKeith, checks the subjects tongues, and "poo", as she calls it, to determine their health. They also run blood work. In 8 weeks of diet change, the results are incredible. Check it out!!

On to the Poetry section of today's post. Charlotte and Zachary are to memorize and recite a poem. I thought I would share their poems...Here is Charlotte's poem.IF I CAN STOP ONE HEART FROM BREAKING
by Emily Dickinson

If I can stop one heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain,
If I can ease one life the aching
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

And Zach's poem.....

A peanut sat on a railroad track,
His heart was all a flutter
The five-fifteen came rushing by--
Toot Toot, Peanut Butter!
(Author Unknown)
Zach can not get through that last line without a giggle.
Blessings ~ Bren


Love Bears All Things said...

I love that Dickenson poem and tell Zachary I laughed too.

I started smoking when I was 25 because I thought it would control my weight. It did for the next 12 years. It has been 21 years since I quit. I'm so happy that I did. Hard to believe you quit for 13 and started back.

I think weighing less often is the right way to go. As you know, I weigh every 2 weeks. You're sticking to the plan and that is the road to success.
Mama Bear

Angie said...

I remember that last poem from when I was a kid! That's funny ... thank you for the laugh!

Mamabeanof4 said...

I LOVED the peanut poem-I've never heard it before!!!
Gosh-doesn't everyone need those wate on pills?!? I cannot even imagine HAVING to gain weight-it just comes natural to me. How about you?
PS-I LOVE your new haircut!

drucillastitches said...

I love the poetry, we are memorizing part of 1 John 4 at the moment.
You asked about our spelling....
we use a Unit Study type curriculum, Learning Adventures, which takes words from her present reading. We are reading Tom Sawyer. Also use daily words in her spelling adding words she has trouble with to her list. For example, during grammer she was given a list of sentences and had to choose the incorrect word, we added the ones she couldn't correct to her list.

Beth said...

Goood luck on stop smoking, I know you can do it. I use to smoke a long time ago and I haven't smoked for 17 years. I found that relaxation tapes were really helpful.

Marilyn R said...

Loved the poems! I giggled at the last line of Zachary's poem too! Weight loss is a day at a time - at least that is what I tell myself!

Patty said...

I have been following Gillian McKeiths eating plan for a while now and all I can say is, wow, i feel better and I feel not so wow when I fall off the wagon

meggie said...

Giving up smoking took me years! But I am so glad I finally did it, & I have not smoked now for 20 years. I loathe the smell of cigarettes now.
I had to laugh at Zach's poem!