Wednesday, March 26, 2008

T.J. is 3!!!!

My grandson is not a baby anymore. This comes with mixed emotions. He is such a sweet little guy, but in the last few weeks he has become stubborn and quite a good fit thrower! Those boys at 3!! No such thing as terrible 2's. He is getting a mind of his own, which is good. My son and Rachel have a good handle on him and do not allow him to be rude, but he is changing that is for sure! Today we went to see him for his birthday and to take him his gift. His party is on Saturday, but we could not let his actual birthday pass. Here are some pics of our time at T.J.'s house. The wagon was NOT pre-assembled.TJ will help. It took 3 of them! In the meantime, my silly daughter proclaiming herself a "tree hugger"!!Kyle watching the work. Then Kyle wanted to take a picture of me, Rachel and my sister (who was dropping her grandson off for Rachel to babysit). Dominic is 3 too, though he will be 4 soon. My sister's husband is having knee surgery tomorrow in Chicago, so Domy will spend the night with Rachel. Not sure what the "look" is about...he is such a happy guy!!

TJ was very excited and got in the wagon before it was complete.Finally he could go for a ride. Time for cupcakes! Oops....wrong birthday. That was birthday number 1!
There we go. TJ had a nice little celebration. His big party on Saturday will be fun. All of his family will be there. Rachel is making TJ a quilt...wait til you see it. It is wonderful!! Oh!! And I almost forgot. TJ said "my grandma" today. He has always just said "grandma", like it is my name, but today he said "where's my grandma?" I melted!!!I spent my afternoon with TJ, but I spent my morning at the hospital with Kyle getting blood work and an EEG done. He did great (I do not anticipate any bad outcome from the tests) and I took him and his Grandma and went to lunch at Kyle's favorite place...Pizza Hut. Thank goodness for a salad bar! We have all been fighting colds for the past week...passing them around and it is my turn. I am tired and would love a nap. Too late for that now, it is almost dinner time.
Tomorrow we will be back full force in home school. We took a short spring break the last few days. We are ready to get back on task.
I will leave you with this final picture of TJ, officially 3 years old and no longer a baby.


Karolee said...

Happy Birthday to TJ!

I love the picture of Kyle in the hospital. He looks like he's taking it all in stride.

Niki RuralWritings said...

He's a big boy now! But, don't worry grandma another one's on the way!

Rose said...

Happy Birthday TJ!! Hope your party on Saturday is fun too and cant wait to see the quilt!!!

Guðrún said...

Happy birthday to your "big" TJ. I hope everything will be alright with Kyle.

Mamabeanof4 said...

You are so right Bren-it is the terrible 3's-NOT 2's!!!!!
What cute pictures you have today!

Valerie said...

There is nothing like grandchildren. Happy Birthday TJ!

Love Bears All Things said...

Oh, those grandbabies are "grand".
I'm missing some of mine right now. Mine are getting big though. The oldest will be 14 in May. I have 3 with Birthdays in May. I enjoyed all the photos. I have been meaning to buy me one of those Little Tyke wagons for a long time. The one that converts to a seat. I could use it like a wheelbarrow in the garden and take it on picnics.

Tomorrow we're putting the borders on our little quilt. I sewed it altogether Monday. I'm not pleased with the outcome but it is okay. It was a learning experience.

Mama Bear

MrsRitchey said...

Oh, I don't know....he'll always be your baby, won't he? You are such a good Grandma! TJ is lucky!


Jan said...

What great pictures--thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday TJ!