Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday & A Deep Theological Discussion

Today's tackle has some pretty disgusting pictures, so proceed at your own risk. The second week of the month is the week when I am to deep clean my kitchen. Some of these jobs are seasonal and some are bi-annually. The one I tackled for today should be done twice a year, ideally when the weather is nice and it can be done outside. I could wait no longer for nice weather so I did the nasty job in the kitchen sink. I have open soffets above my kitchen cupboards. In my old house I loaded these with antique ball jars, cookie jars, a crock filled with antique kitchen utensils, etc. In this house I decided to keep it simple. I have 4 large fake plants in baskets positioned above the cupboards. The nasty job is to clean the plants (easily done with a garden hose and some sunshine) and to wash the cupboards. The plants and the cupboards were loaded with dust and the area above the stove also contained gummy grease. A nice spray of Holy Cow "pink" and the grease dissolved very easily...brace yourself for the before and after pics....

AFTER:BEFORE:AFTER:The wood cleaned up very easily...a damp rag and a squirt of Holy Cow just above the stove area. My little friend that hangs above the kitchen sink got a bath too. The curtains and blinds get washed quarterly so that will happen this week also. Since I was up high, I wiped down the top of the frig...a monthly job.
AFTER: Everything above my head, including light fixtures, has been deep cleaned in my kitchen. Thursday I will concentrate on the middle and Saturday I will work on the bottom. For more Tackles visit 5 Minutes For Mom.
Also, hop over to The Simple Woman where Peggy is having a Spring Nest Cleaning Giveaway. Peggy loves to clean!!!
"The Thinker"

I have been concentrating on changing our school days here. I have been unhappy about our "school" for some time, and with the help of a wonderful friend, I can verbalize it like this...It is not home school, it is school at home. Not a fun thing...I want to home school. So I am revamping everything and it has taken some time and energy. While in that "mind set" I have recognized many opportunities with my children. One such opportunity happened this morning at breakfast when Charlotte and Zach were telling me about a new Happy Meal toy they received. Here is my conversation with Zachary, who I think could win a debate over just about anything.
Zach: It's a sprite mom. They are flowers that turn into people and then they fly around.
Mom: You know that is not real...and we don't believe in those things. I'm not sure you should have those. We should talk to God about that and see what His Word says.
Zach: Moooom (a tone of disgust in his voice) They are not real. Only Angels fly around for real and God made those.
Charlotte: Demons fly around too.
Zach: No they don't.
Mom: Well, Zach, demons are angels too, but they are fallen angels. Satan was a beautiful angel who turned bad and fell from Heaven.
Zach: Why did he turn bad?
Mom: He wanted to be God. Instead of worshipping God, he wanted God to worship him so he was thrown out of Heaven and 1/3 of the angels came with him and are now demons.
Zach: I know why Satan turned bad....it must have been all the violent TV he watched!!!


Linda said...

Oh dear, out of the mouths of babes....what a giggle.....

meggie said...

Big clean in the kitchen! I must do the same.

Guðrún said...

*LOL* Children are the best.

Marilyn R said...

Zack is right! *G* I love his reasoning! Great tackle it Tuesday project!

Copper's Wife said...

I love the discussion, and what a hoot! It's so hard not to giggle, especially when they are so serious. It's great to talk to your kids about God and "big" spiritual matters on their level.

Wow, you did some of that deep cleanin' stuff today...the kind that requires antihistamines around here! Your plants turned out so nicely! They look like new.

Niki said...

Great tackle! I should do the same here....

Niki RuralWritings said...

Love that Holy Cow!!! We are going to the States this summer and I plan to stock up :)

Your talk with the kids made me wish mine were little again. Precious moments.

Beth said...

I have never heard of Holy Cow. Where do you get it? I really need to do some cleaning too, how do you come up with your list of what to do and when? You seem to be very organized.

Mountain Mama said...

I think I have a few plants that looked like yours - dusty! Bet it feels good to have that done.
Great conversation with your sweet blessings. That is what it is all about - tying those heartstrings with our children!
Thanks again for your help.

Amanda said...

Ok, that right there....that's funny!!! ROTFLOL

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Zach is so right! Too funny!

Thanks for the Holy Cow tip. I haven't cleaned above my kitchen cabinets since they were installed a few years ago because I didn't know how to get rid of the gooey grease.

Your cleaning endeavor was a success! Great job!!! What an inspiration!