Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Big Boys

You all hear so much about my little ones, but today I would like to do a post on my BIG boys. They are the light of my life in many ways. Some of the happiest memories I have are centered around these 2 treasures. Now, as I watch TJ, I am reminded of the days when his Daddy was 3. They have alot of the same mannerisms and they look so much alike. I sat last night with TJ on my lap and read him 3 books. He hung on every word and often gave his own commentary of the page he was looking at...just like his Daddy use to. Yesterday was Kyle's 22nd birthday. The above picture was taken on his 1st birthday. Where, oh where, did the time go??? We had a birthday dinner here last night and My entire family was under one roof. I love when that happens. I made Kyle's all time favorite cake. Spice cake from scratch with Dani's cream cheese frosting. The birthday boy was pleased. My boys were very close when they were little. Bud was very protective of his baby brother, especially once the seizures started. I have thought about how Kyle's daily battle with seizures effected my oldest son. I am sure many days he must have felt Kyle was getting all the attention. Everything in our life centered around Kyle's seizures. No video games because of the risk of seizures. Bud is now a huge video gamer. I did not let Kyle's seizures stop our life. Bud played baseball for years and Kyle and I were at every game. Dad was there when he was not at work.
Bud has grown into a wonderful man. He is a good husband, and a loving father. Forgive the blur...TJ rarely holds still for a pic and he wanted so badly to blow out the birthday candle. Uncle Kyle had no trouble letting him do just that! TJ is practicing for his 3rd birthday in a couple of weeks. Can I brag a minute?? TJ knows the names of all the coins, half dollar down to penny and can pick them out at random when asked. Then his daddy asks for the biggest to the smallest coins and TJ picks them out every time. He is so smart. Almost too smart as he knew his entire alphabet and could recognize each letter by name at 22 months. He counts as high as you want him to. I don't think Rachel plans to home school. She would be good at it though. She has spent lots of time playing with him and teaching him at the same time. OK, back to my BIG boys. Doesn't my son look like a trucker??? Well here is his new toy. He will be driving a flat bed exactly like this one.

Hardly a toy, but he is excited about it. He is getting his name on the door in gold. By the way, his name is not Bud. It is what we call him because he shares his Dad's name. His real name is Kim, and other than in my home, Kim is what everyone calls him. If you see him on the highway, wave....I am sure he will give you a toot of his horn! We are very proud of our BIG boys! Both of them.


Libby said...

Watching your kids grow up and make their way in the world is one of life's greatest pleasures *s*

Kelley said...

Ah what sweet pictures of your boys...
I have been thinking of you, my computer crashed and it took forever to get fixed.
I missed coming here and visiting!
Wishing you a very blessed Saturday!

meggie said...

Happy Birthday Kyle.
What a lovely post & photos Bren.

Katie said...

Darling photos!! You know I was at a baby shower last weekend, and the lady from our church who gave us a challenge talked on the topic of how *fast* children grow. To cherish the time we are granted together. She also recommended the book, "Treasuring God in your Traditions" and gave it away as a gift to the expectant mother. Haven't read it yet but want to get a copy.

Thanks for this sweet post and sharing your family stories!!

Thanks for praying for my grandma. You, Kyle, and your whole family are on my prayer list too! :-)

Blessings Bren!

Angie said...

How precious those memories are and how wonderful to have both boys so close to you - physically and lovingly. I'm interested in finding out how Bud is doing with

Happy Birthday to Kyle and TJ (in the next couple weeks) ... hope we see a post for him, too (I kinda think we will) :)!

Liberty Star Farm said...

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Bud, my little ones pump there arms till they nearly fall off when we come up on a truck. Truckers make our trip so much fun when they honk and wave. We'll keep an eye out for you!

Hope your weekend is full of peace and happiness.


Love Bears All Things said...

Looks like you had two families, having grown sons and little ones at the same time.
It is a grandmother's perogative to brag.
My oldest son's Birthday is Tuesday. I'll do a post about him.
Mama Bear

Smokey is fine now.

Idaho Quilter said...

I can see why you are proud. Hope your son is going to enjoy trucking.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle! Wow, TJ does look like Bud did when he was little! All of your children (and grandchildren!) are precious, Bren!

Jeanne said...

They grow up so quickly and we wonder where did the time go! My oldest will be 40 next year. Now that has to be a mistake. Loved the pictures of your boys and also the lilies of the valley from the previous post.