Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Today's tackle it to get back on my schedule. Somehow, I have gotten a bit off track. Though I have kept up with my dailies, I have let some of the monthly deep cleaning go by the wayside. Today is my day in the master bedroom and master bath. I pulled the flannels off and put on my regular cotton sheets. The bed is airing for a while and then will be made up with the clean linens. It will be nice to have more than 1 set...with the flannels I would take them off every Tuesday and wash them and put them back on. I have several cotton sets so I can just change them and wash the dirty set at leisure. I am getting a new mattress and box spring next week. I am not sure my sheets will fit as the mattress requires deep pocket sheets. I think I have at least one set that will work. I also need to get the glass and wood polished in here and vacuum the bedroom. The master bath needs a good wiping down and the floor will be mopped.

My monthly deep cleaning this week will be in the entryway, and formal rooms. My easiest deep clean week of the month.
My Frizz remedy WORKED and my hair is more the style I wanted. I will need to get a straightening iron as my hair has some natural curl and likes to "flip" here and there. It is funny that people with bone straight hair want curls and people with body and curl want to straighten their hair. Are we never content??

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Copper's Wife said...

Good for you for reclaiming that schedule! After being sick for so long, we're enjoying that here, too!

Congratulations on the new mattress set coming, too! What a nice treat!

I giggled when I read about those with straight hair wanting curly, and vice versa. I always had stick straight hair, and I always wished it were curly. I even got a spiral perm in 1992. In 1993, when I was pregnant with Aaron, my hair became really thick. Weird, I thought. Well, then it started growing in with some curl to it shortly after he was born. heeheheehee I still haven't quite figured out the hormone/hair connection. Oh, and my grey hair is really curly. Go figure.

Kathy said...

Bren, my blog is all set. You should be able to get to it like you always have. I changed the username, and it is now private. You are on my friends list (I sent you an invite through your Xanga account), so you will be able to read it. Thanks again for your encouragement today.

Love, Kathy

Melzie said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR BREN sassy style! xoxo melzie