Sunday, March 30, 2008

"The Simple Woman's Gazette" A Review

Thanks to a giveaway, I found a most wonderful blog!!! Peggy's blog "The Simple Woman" is wonderfully written and full of inspiration and learning. She has a house full of children, a loving husband, who was raised Amish, and an attitude that rings "peace and harmony" in my ears. Through, Peggy's blog I was able to read about a monthly E-zine she was publishing, called "The Simple Woman's Gazette". I was so impressed with her blog I decided to subscribe. Within a very short period of time, the March issue (which is the first issue) was in my e-mail box. I quickly printed it out and read it....more than once. I was so happy with it, I wanted to share with you what "The Simple Woman's Gazette" consists of. Not counting the last section which concerns copyrights and contact information, the Gazette was 7 pages of 10 different sections. I will list each section and my thoughts:

~This Month From Peggy: A sweet letter in this first issue explaining the purpose and heart behind the Gazette. It felt very it was written to me personally.
~A Woman's Altar: Here is a small study of the Word. It is beautifully written and easy to understand. Most importantly, I learned something new!

~Domestics Notebook: Here, Peggy shares a craft or instructions on a hand-made "something". The March issue gave a wonderful idea using an empty paint can! Something the kids and I will try for sure!

~My Country Larder: Peggy will share recipes and favorites from her kitchen. She feeds a large family on one income and is willing to share secrets! The March recipe is one I will use.

~Study Hall: Peggy is sharing her insights on the Proverbs 31 woman. She had me thinking...

~Little House Times: Quotes from Little House on the Prairie books are used to teach a much deeper lesson. I have read The Farmer Boy more than once and was amazed at the quote Peggy shared and the lesson she pulled from it! You would love this one AMY!!!

~Earthy Stuff: Gardening is big for Peggy and her family. She will share her expertise concerning gardening here. I am very excited to learn from this section.

~My Reading Chair: A review of the current favorite. An Emilie Barnes book was reviewed in the March issue. I have an Emilie Barnes book, but not the one Peggy talks about. I plan to put it on my list.

~Plain and Fancy: Because Peggy's husband John was raised Amish, Peggy has great insight into this world. She warns not to believe the fiction type books we read and is willing to share truths about the Amish way of life in this section of the Gazette.
~Homewifery: THIS section spoke loudly to me. I have read it over and over. I will quote a portion of this section where Peggy writes about being a homemaker.
"A hoggy housewife will find it hard to find that motivation (she was talking about Spring cleaning) if she is dealing with the sloth syndrome...that word just evokes an ugly sight to me. Even the word rolls sluggishly off the tongue. What is the sloth syndrome? Well, perhaps it is caused by a lazy upbringing, might I say a lazy mother, perhaps it is because things are not going well at home with inner relationships, with husband or with child/teen, or perhaps it is just the old reasoning of 'I just do not know where to begin'. Granted this may be the main reason, but how did I get to that point to begin with? Hmmm....I know when I am in sloth mode it could be any reason, but mainly the reason is my own doing."
Peggy then shares 5 wonderful motivation helps, all of which were very helpful!
I felt very led to share this Gazette with you. If you are interested in subscribing, or in receiving the March issue as complimentary you can go here. ( I am getting nothing for referring you except to pass on a wonderful "magazine")

I copied the cover and put my Gazette in a 1/2 inch binder. I plan to use it as a resource. Thank you Peggy for a great read!


Karolee said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing. I think I'll go over and check her out.

Just want to let you know that I've deleted my blog. Long story... but my identity has been compromised. You can send me an e-mail if you want the long story.

Peggy said...

Bren!! You have made my day, week and perhaps kind of you to share with YOUR readers about my Gazette!!!!! Thank you so much!! I shared your review on my blog!

The Simple Woman

Shan said...


What a lovely review! I wondered if you could share how you created the cover for your binder. I would also like to use the artwork, but it becomes blurry when I enlarge it.