Saturday, March 29, 2008


Most of today was either spent in preparation or celebration of TJ's 3rd birthday party. I woke up with a terrible sinus headache, but a couple of cups of coffee and a shower and I was feeling much better. Charlotte has had a rough couple of may pray for her if you think of it. Life is as good or as awful as you make it. One of the very first lessons Charlotte was taught as my daughter, was that of reaping and sowing. You get what you give. Give good and get good in return. Give bad, and your life will stink! She still has not learned this lesson...though how many adults are still trying to learn that one?

Soooo, I spent the morning making mostacolli and salad for 30.
There were a little over 20 people, but I always want to have extra...just in case. TJ came to Grandma's for a while, while mommy got things ready at his house. I felt so bad he got a sliver in his hand. On the way home he said "Owie Grandma". Sure enough he had an owie...from my house...on his party day! I should not have felt too awful. This evening I got a picture sent to me from Rachel's cell phone.... Would you look at that bump!!!! OUCH! TJ walked (not ran, thank goodness) into the stove. The oven handle sticks out and I think he hit it there. Rachel said he did not hit it hard, but it sure looks awful. I asked her if we should take him in to be checked and she said it looked much better. He is so pale that just picking him up turns his skin red, so the redness is gone, but the bump, though smaller is still there and purple. I am so glad he did this after I left. Rachel's aunt saw it too and felt it looked ok. She will wake him up a couple of times tonight just to be safe. Other than the scissor incident, this is his first major boo-boo. Rachel assures me he is ok, so I will move onto a couple of good pics of TJ. (edit: the next morning, TJ has no bump and only a slight bruise...the kid has a hard head!!) After he blew out his #3 candle he said "Let's eat it!!" Rachel said "OK, TJ let's eat it." So TJ did!! He leaned right over and took a bite!!!! He had a wonderful time. The only downfall was his Daddy and Paw Paw had to work today so they missed the party. It was a fun but busy day and I am very tired. Have a blessed Lord's day!


Debi said...

What a wonderful birthday party, despite the boo boo. I will keep Charlotte (and you) in my prayers.

Copper's Wife said...

Yeouch!!! That bump looks painful!! Sounds like the party was great. Happy birthday to TJ!

Donetta said...

I am so sorry TJ got such a bump! It is so good that you could throw him such a bash. I hope you had fun. Perhaps jealousy was in the air.:)

Gina said...

Sounds like he had a great party. Wish him a happy birthday from me

love and hugs xxx

Marilyn R said...

Looks like everyone had a fantastic time! I love that TJ took a bite of the cake - sounds like my kind of kid! The frosting is always the best part! *G*

Sue said...

That bump looks awful! I was glad to read that it looked better by this morning.

Happy 3rd Birthday, TJ!

meggie said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to TJ.
So glad his head is ok, it looked terrible in that photo!
Seems he had fun with his cake!