Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So I have been feeling restless. I am not sure of the reason. It could be the strong desire for Spring to come. This has been a very loooong winter. Or it could be because when you have children who are "special" a change in your environment has a placebo effect. A friend told me when she was raising a reactive attachment disorder son, she moved furniture around all the time. What ever the reason, I was not satisfied with the move of furniture the other day. Some of it will go back...the bench will return to the eating area and the hutch will be stored in the basement for now. I really like the entry way and the "Spring" feel it gives off. The picture of the resurrected Messiah is a favorite.

Yesterday Sweetheart took a day off (he has many he needs to use up) and worked on my bookcase. Our son was in school and could not help, but Sweetheart got the entire thing put together.
Today he will sand and stain it and hopefully tonight it can be installed. He put some beautiful trim on it and it has a light installed under the top. While he was doing this I was planning the next furniture move. After home school and the bookcase work done, Sweetheart helped me with the BIG move. An entire re-do of my office/sewing room. I did not want my back to the door any more and I wanted my sewing area all in one spot instead of all over the room. Have you ever went into a room and had a feeling of "Ahhhhhh"? It is like the flow of the room gives off a calming feeling. This room did not give off that feeling. In fact many of my rooms don't so I am restructuring. I love this room now. We removed alot of "stuff". There was something on every inch of wall space before. Now it is clutter free, my sewing area is all together, and my desk faces the door, which is more inviting for who ever comes in the room. If you enter a room and the person's back is to you, it gives off a "Don't bother me." feel. This way it says "Come on in!" I did not realize the power in that until I moved the desk. Before, the kids would enter this room when I was on the computer or just at the desk and they would almost tip toe and seem hesitant. I thought it was just them, but now with the desk turned around, when the come in they tip toed at first, but when they saw me facing them, they stood more erect and approached me like they were welcome...which they are. I am feeling more settled after this rearranged area is complete. Now to get the bookcase up and filled and the bench back in it's place. I love the hutch where it is in the eating area, but Sweetheart does not, so I will move it back.
I took a peek out at my little plot of earth that will be my garden. With all the rain, the soil looks rich. I can't wait to get my hands in it!
I have enjoyed seeing your gardens go in. I plan to do a separate herb garden, as my herbs got buried by the tomato plants last year. I also plan 4 tomato plants instead of the 12 I put in last year! This is a simple kitchen garden, so 4 will be plenty for us.
I want to highlight a couple of blogs. First I want to share an article written by Cheryl (Copperswife to many of us), on the home schooling style of using living books. Many of you have asked me to share the revamping of our home school. This is the exact thing I have done. It is an amazing article and one I encourage you to read. It is good for parents who do not home school as well, and even Grandparents who want to share a love of books with their Grand babies. You will find the article on the Copperswife web page. This link will take you straight to the article. Cheryl is such a huge support to me. I thank God for the privilege of reading her blog and web page.
I also want to share a series of posts that have just started. Amy is doing a series on "Simple Living". I so want to simplify my life, but I am not looking to live off the land, or raise goats...not that I would not want to, but it is impossible here in the urban cul de sac I live in. Amy is sharing lots of valuable information to simplify your life no matter what degree of simple living you want. I just want to let go of the stressers. To enjoy my children and husband and to maybe be a little more laid back. Amy will be posting the 3rd installment today, so you can easily catch up. She gives homework, but it is fun work. Thank you, Amy. I know you are putting alot of time and effort into shows.


Sarah said...

I love the new book shelf! Your husband did an awesome job! I also like the changes you have made to your sewing room! Why can't you raise goats at your house?! LOL! Your neighbors would have a fit! Neat garden!

Anonymous said...

You room looks great. I love reading your blog because you share your good and bad days, and how you cope with them. I have 3 boys, and completely understand what it is like raising children with special needs. Life is different than other peoples. I'm at the doctors offices/ hospital every week. School and future arn't the focus-survival and happiness are(thats when the stress isn't overtaking things- I guess I should say we strive for happiness or some calmness in the chaos.) keep blogging when you have time, and i agree its hard to keep priorities straight sometimes. But I think it helps to have sewing/blogging as little breaks to keep your mind off of things you cant control.

Marilyn R said...

You will be having a lot of fun filling that bookshelf! It looks fantastic! The new sewing area/office area looks very inviting! A great place to work!

Patty said...

The book shelf is just beautiful.
Sometimes it takes changing things around to realize it was fine the way it was : )
Everything looks great Bren

Corin said...

Beautiful bookcase!

Copper's Wife said...

The new book case is great. Your husband did a fantastic job. I can't wait to watch as it fills up with books!!

I usually end up shuffling things around more than once before I'm happy with them. Good exercise!

Thanks for your kind words and the links to my blog and site today, too!!

Karolee said...

I'm finally getting caught up on my blog reading!

I can't believe peoplea are gardening already! We have such a short growing season here. I'll be happy to get a few flowers planted this year.

Ginger Patches said...

I love your new header and verse...the real reason for Easter..Resurrection Day!!