Monday, March 3, 2008

My Friend Day

Sue came today as planned and I SO enjoyed my time with her. It was a relaxing day. Her and the kids came early and I was wearing a tank top and jeans as I was in an awful hot flash. Yeesh (as Zach would say)! It was a rainy cold morning so I stayed close to the open kitchen window while we visited. Sue brought her gorgeous quilts to show me. You can see them on her blog. The Red and Black one she is just finishing is incredibly stunning. Ooooh I think I would pay money for it! She will be showing it in the next couple of days as she will be binding it in the next day or so. She brought me a beautiful tea cup pincushion she made. It is gorgeous! She also made the beaded scissor fob. I am so thrilled with it.

My hot flash passed pretty quickly and I was able to get my "do" done!
I will use the pic from yesterday as mine and Sue's before and after pictures, as I started with greasy hair and Sue, though she did not look bad at all, had a teeney bit of bed head going on.
And here is my AFTER: Sue's daughter Rebekah did such a great cut. I LOVE the back and the sides and front are perfect when wet, but my hair frizzed up so I lost the style a little. I got some anti-frizz serum so I will be able to keep the style.

Sue got foil wrapped highlights, but I did not do an "in progress" pic at her request. Here she is in her AFTER shot with Ruthie, her little cutie! There was another time Sue and I had our hair done together.....It was WAAAAY back in the early days of our friendship. We were in our early 20's. I am on the left and Sue is on the right. This was our bowling league's halloween party. We were all punk rockers! What a blast!

Anyway, we are both stylin' and Rebekah did a great job! Thank you Rebekah! Sue's daughter Rachel came too and was able to get some of her driving hours in by chauffeuring everyone here and back. Soon she will have her license! See her hair??...that is what mine looks like wet. Hopefully the anti frizz stuff will keep it that way.
Zachary and, Sue's son, Lucas played board games, watched a movie and played the dance mat. Zach loves having Lucas over. Notice Zach's hand on Lucas's leg. He needs a friend who lives closer! Charlotte finished her school work, ate lunch with us and ran down to her friends house to play, so I got no pics of her. She had a fun day too, though. Lunch was great (I was starving!!!). We spent a little time figuring out block settings for a quilt I am putting together, and then hand quilted a bit while catching up. Sue and I have known each other for 25 years (last month). I was 22 years old. She is such an important person in my life, I can NOT imagine not knowing her. We are so alike, yet just different enough to keep it interesting. Our husbands got along good too. We would spend 1 night every couple months together as families and eat dinner and play cards. Sue and I saw each other at least 4 times a week (sometimes more) and talked every day. I had to go and move 2 counties away! Well, miles do nothing to change the friendship we have built in the last quarter of a century! Only our hair-do's have changed (thank goodness!!!)


Donetta said...

Hello, Your hair turned out cute. How wonderful to have time with your friends. . I trust your having a good day.

Linda said...

Very cute, indeed. I wonder if your dh will recognise you......

meggie said...

Your hair is very nice, love the cut.
How great you have a friend like that. I have a very close friend.
Friendships make a world of difference.

Angie said...

BREN!! I LOVE it! I had a sneaky suspicion it would be cut short and it fits you so well! I'll have to go back and read your post ... I was in such a hurry to see what your hair looked like. So cute!

Copper's Wife said...

Cute hair cut, Bren!! I like it a lot.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful day with such a great, "old" friend.

Karen T. said...

What a wonderful day you had with your dear friend! I love your new do!! I have hair that tends to frizz too. But I use "Back to Basics" shampoo and conditioner and it has helped so much!

How wonderful to have a day with such a dear friend who shares your love of quilting!
Karen T.

Mountain Mama said...

NICE DO!!! Looks great.
Very cute tea cup pin cushion. What a sweet friend.

Guðrún said...

Your hair looks great that way.

Kathy said...

Oh I love that style on you. It's such a young looking style, not that you looked old before. Suits you well my dear!

Marilyn R said...

Bren, love the new hair style! And how fun is it to spend the day with a dear friend and get a new hair style at the same time!

Solstitches said...

I love the new hair style.
What a lovely day you had with your friend and her family.
The pincushion Sue made for you is so cute.

Love Bears All Things said...

I loved hearing about your visit with Sue. And that tea cup pincushion is so cute. It looks like the fabric matched the cup exactly. Did she glue the cup to the saucer?
Mama Bear