Friday, June 6, 2008

Celebration Day 6

That is about how it feels!!!!!
So....I heard the word "easy" more than once yesterday. I guess I am going to have to make things a little harder....Are you ready???

1) Who is this???

2) Which of the following is NOT true.

a. My nickname is Bunny.

b. I broke my arm on the school playground at 7.

c. I have a potty mouth.

d. I use to be an Avon Lady.

e. I am GREAT at reading a map.

Tough enough?? Remember your guesses don't count unless you have already commented on the first Celebration post. Only 2 more days of questions and then the BIG DRAW! Do you even remember the prizes??? You guys are all a blast to party with!


Nancy said...

Question 2 - A

still working on Question 1....

Nancy said...

question 1 - don't know, but will guess grandpa....

Guðrún said...

This is not so difficult at least not number one, I almost wrote TJ or Bud, but it is your dad. Number two took a little investigation, and I think that b is not true!

Dani said...

Who said this was easy? They are in soooooo much trouble ;-)

The picture is of your dad, what a cute photo!

B is not true.

This has been a lot of fun, it has sent me to older posts that I may have never seen.

Julie said...

Ok after typing in the name of every relative I could think of into your search bar I decided the picture is... YOUR DAD!

In the same post (yeah me!) I found out you have not broken a bone and your nickname is Bunny (too cute)
So... B is untrue!!

Can we just do this for the rest of your blogging career? I am learning so much about you. LOL

Alesha said...

The picture is of your dad. You posted it on his birthday.

And you did NOT break your arm on the school playground, so B is untrue.

I'm having so much fuuuuuuuuuun!!!!


Corin said...

#1 is your dad.

#2. B is not true. I'm impressed with E!

This contest is so much fun!

Solstitches said...

It's your dad in the picture.
I don't know the answers to the second question.

Mrs. Sew and Sew said...

The photo is your dad.

I had to search a little..but the answer to 2) is b. You have never broken a bone!

I too am enjoying going back and read some of your older blog posts.:) FUN!!!

Kathy said...

Okay...I had to visit just one blog!

That is your daddy, and B is not true. You have never broken a bone.

Susan said...

The little baby boy is your father, and you have never broken a bone, so you did not break your arm on the playground at 7.

These took a bit longer to track down, but I'm getting creative! LOL

Linda said...

Photo of your dad, and B is not true.... I had a giggle at C and thought......

Mamabeanof4 said...

The pic is of your Dad-aaaaaaah! How cute.

The other answer is B is untrue.

They sure were tough today. Thanks for the work-out!!!!;)

meggie said...

Your Dad, & how cute was he!!
B, you are lucky no breaks.

Sarah Dee said...

Wow... you certainly challenged us today! The picture is of your dad, and B is untrue. I laughed at C, too! I remember the post about that one... Zach picked up your bad habit!!

Love Bears All Things said...

The picture is of your Father.
You've never broken a bone so b. is not true. I was thinking about C. but I remember when you told us the word you say a lot that someone else was picking up on. The answer was in your MeMe.
Mama Bear

Su Bee said...

Ha ha -- that's the last time I taunt you about your easy question! You done good this time girl -- now I know the beautiful baby is your Daddy, and you never did break your arm so B is not true.

Tamara said...

Whew I finally found the answer to #2 which is B you've never broken a bone. The picture is of your dad.