Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Plans

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Our new blog is up and running. This next week we hope to have some inspiring, thought provoking posts to share. It is private, but anyone wanting to join us in changing your lifestyle to a healthier, more fit one, is welcome. Just let me, Debi, Angie, or Sue know and we will send you an invite. I look forward to hearing from you all in the comments section.I am thinking of Niki today and all she is doing. Her daughter is getting married today. What a wonderful time. Soon...on the 10th of July...I will meet Niki and Rob. I am very honored and a bit terrified. I want to paint my entryway, get all the carpets professionally cleaned, put in a new kitchen floor, and maybe even some granite countertops!!! LOL I know...she may not even notice those things. I doubt they are important to her. I have changed the menu several times and I hate to share it with you now, because I know it will change again! She IS a gourmet cook you know, known for making very exotic meals. I have seen some pretty down home meals coming from her blog pages too though. I just know it will be like meeting an old friend I haven't seen in years! Oh, Sweetheart is switching his days off that week and will be here too!

Today is gorgeous outside. I will do my workout and then spend the day doing laundry and quilting. I have a few deadlines coming up, so I need to get going on them. Tomorrow will be more of the same, hopefully.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Donetta said...

Dash and I walked again this morning. I look forward to joining. God's timing is perfect for me in this.

Mrs. Sew and Sew said...

Hi Bren! Please add me to your living healthy blog. I started on Monday eating correctly and exercising. I am diabetic so this is very important for me to stay on task. That is hard for me to do alone. I need ya gf. :)

You know I got that grandson coming in Sept. I agree with you ....we need to be healthy enough to be here for them. Hugs, Karen

Ginger Patches said...

Amazing timing on your fitness post. I just decided that there will be no more procrastinating in the fitness area of my life!! I would love to be able read and comment on your new blog!

Winona said...

I just got home from watching 2 of our 4 adorable grandchildren. I want to see them grow up. They are 4,2,2 and 5 weeks. I am diabetic. I have to start eating healthy and exercising again. Please add me to your blog. Thanks and good luck.

Stephanie said...

Hi Bren, I too would like to be active on the living healthy blog! Thanks! Stephanie