Sunday, June 8, 2008

Celebration Day 8

I want to thank you all for coming to the celebration of "Pieces From Me". I have had such fun reading all your comments and writing your names countless times!! The drawing will be held tomorrow morning on the actual Blogoversary. I will post the winner sometime in the early afternoon. Stay tuned...there may be a twist!!
Here are your final questions! Good luck to you all!!!

1) TJ drew Grandma a picture of "what"???

2) What did Kyle make for Christmas dinner?


Julie said...

While I wait for my kidlets to wake up I thought I would do my searching...

Kyle made dirt cake

That picture is obviously a penguin! LOL. Actually I thought I have seen that pic a dozen times in my search surely it's recent. So I just started scrolling. By page 7 I was tired of scrolling so I hit T.J.'s name in the sidebar and it was the first pic. LOL.

This has been great fun. I'm glad I took part in the challenge just becuase I found a kindred spirit in parenting. I also feel like we are "real" friends now. Is that weird? LOL

Mamabeanof4 said...

Kyle-the handsome guy AND chef- created a dirt cake that was yummy I hear!
The picture is of a penguin-how could it be anything else?

This week has been so much fun with you Bren. I was wondering if you'd create a "twist" in this Blogoversary of yours-it would be unlike you to not keep us on our toes with your antics!!!!
Keep bloggin' baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Dee said...

Of course it is a penguin, that is plain to see! Ah, yes, Kyle's yummy Dirt Cake... I love Dirt Cake!

Nancy said...

1. penquin
2, dirt cake

and still no cheating..

Lib said...

Hi Bren,
Hope you're having a great wk.end.
Pic. is a penquin ,Kyle made a dirt cake.Way to go Chef Kyle:o)
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Kyle made a dirt cake, mmuch more than my teens do!!! Pic is a penquin. Thanks for making this week fun!

Tamara said...

TJ's picture is of a penquin and Kyle made dirt cake.

motherofmany said...

I remembered the dirt cake, but I missed the penguin somehow!

I hope you continue to blog until the trumpet sounds! (and you grab your special gift for the King to take with you) ;)

Corin said...

#1. Why that first one is quite obviously a penquin! ;-)

#2. Kyle made a dirt cake for Christmas dinner.

Linda said...

Oh dirt cake of course, not a fan of it myself, but good job Kyle, and the pic os a penguin. Had a giggle at motherofmany's comment about the trumpet call.

Su Bee said...

This has been so much fun - I bet we see more ideas like this pop up in blogworld becasue of you!
TJ drew a penguin, clearly! And Kyle makes the best Dirt Cake in the country!

Niki RuralWritings said...

Best giveaway contest ever! :)
Lots of fun, can't wait to see your "twist"...knew there had to be one

Alesha said...

TJ drew a penguin for you! So cute!

And Kyle made dirt cake! YUMMO!!!

Thanks for all the fun trivia! It has been a blast!

Good luck to everybody!!!!


Solstitches said...

I've never heard of dirt cake before but that's what Kyle made.
The picture TJ did was a penguin.
I'm all partied out now but want to thank you for all the effort you put into making your celebration such fun.
I enjoyed going back through the posts. You're a five star blogger.

Mrs. Sew and Sew said...

The picture is a penguin that TJ drew you. I remember he drew the hands and feet like his dad did at that age.

Kyle made a dirt cake.

Oh, a twist.....I will be on a drift trip down the Grande Ronde River. I will hardly be able to contain myself until I get in later in the evening. Oh, the suspense!!!!

Bren, I have enjoyed learning about your family. Yes, I agree with motherofmany...keep on blogging until the trumpet call. This is the first thing I do in the with Bren and family. Thanks, I enjoy it so much! :} Karen

Guðrún said...

I don´t know if I shall write this but I have decided to do it, I thought the drawing was of you his grandma *LOL* but I confess I had to look it up and it is a penguin, but Kyle did dirty cake for Christmas dinner. This has been so much fun and I am so excited, I will be checking your blog every hour tomorrow to see who is the winner.

Love Bears All Things said...

That's a Penquin in the picture TJ drew.
Kyle made Dirt Cake for Christmas

While I was scrolling along reading older posts, I saw a quilt block on April 14. It is pink. What is the pattern? It resembles the flower basket a little.

Mama Bear

Susan said...

This has been so fun, Bren! I am slowly - very slowly - making my way through your archives, and enjoying it immensely. Happy Blogaversary!

TJ drew a penguin for his Grandma, and Kyle made a dirt cake for Christmas dinner. I think. LOL

Angie said...

I remember Kyle making dirt cake because that's what we made too! I think ... either he made it and inspired me or it was totally coincidental and we both made it for Christmas.

The budding artist made you a penguin!

You made this lots of fun and some of it was HARD!! You're a little trickster! I'll be looking fwd to the twist!

Dani said...

T.J. drew you a beeeeeeauuuutiful penguin and Kyle made a lovely dirt cake that looks super yummy!

A twist huh? I'll need to stay tuned then!

Kathy said...

That is a picture of a penguin, and Kyle made a yummy dirt cake!

Robin said...

1. a penguin
2. dirt cake
This has been fun. I've enjoyed reading some of your archives as I've searched.

meggie said...

Penguin & A Dirt Cake.
It is hard to tell, who is having the most fun??