Saturday, January 5, 2008

Let There Be Light

I was prepping my tea towel and thought I would share my "technique" for transferring a pattern. I was given really thin tissue paper type "stuff" and a pink leaded pencil from my mom in a bag of embroidery patterns. I thought it was not connected and I think I may have thrown it out. Joni later told me that was transfer paper and pencil to transfer the designs. Too late. I had planned to order more and Joni gave me the website, but I keep forgetting. Soooo, what to do when you have a pattern that is not an iron on? The web is full of free patterns (just google free embroidery patterns) and I just love the vintage ones. Who can resist vegetables dancing with each other?? A light box would work wonderfully, but I do not own one and can not bring myself to put out the I made my own. Everyone has a window and daylight, and these make a good "lightbox" unless you are Gudrun! She has no daylight. Well you can still make a light box. I use my florescent desk lamp. You can purchase a florescent light from Wal Mart for 5 or 6 bucks. Then you just need a clear rubbermaid plastic type container of some sort. It has to big enough to fit over the light. I use one of the drawers from the school bins. Just put the light under the bin, bulb up, and place your pattern on the bin. Then put your tea towel (or other fabric to be marked) over the pattern being careful of placement... Here is a picture of the tea towel over the pattern without the lightbox.

Now here it is with the lightbox.
Now you would flip the pattern upside down so the lettering was right, but I really wanted the green pepper to the right of the tomato, so I flipped it after tracing the veggies. Viola!!! Done in a matter of minutes. I use the blue marker that washes out with water.
I also ran to the fabric store today and picked my fabrics for the 4 Season Swap piece. This wallhanging is to represent winter, without giving a holiday/Christmas feel. I chose colors COMPLETELY out of my box. Fall was so easy for me. This was difficult. I hope my swap partner likes it. It feels cold/wintery to me. Here is a closer look at the navy. It actually has bits of the same color blue in it. I have the pattern picked out and I will tell you it contains 9 patches, fence rails, and 1/2 square triangles along with some embroidery. I plan to get the top done this weekend and maybe even the stitchery (there is not much). I will then hand quilt it and send it to it's new home.
Well I am off to put the fabric in the washer and the towel in the hoop.
Oh, and pop over to Copperswife to tell her happy birthday. She has no internet as she was hit by that terrible California storm. Her daughter hacked her blog and when she gets back up, she will have some birthday wishes!!!


Niki RuralWritings said...

You are the queen of innovation! Brilliant boxlight, ma'am! The fabrics are lovely too!

Kelley said...

Oh Bren, thank you, thank you!
I was just lamenting on my blog the other day that I did not know how to transfer a pattern that wasn't iron on!
Oh I am so happy to know how to do this!

Su Bee said...

Clever girl! I priced a lightbox one time and couldn't justify and didn't want to store it, and this is a great idea. I bet my little folding Ott light would work too!
I chose very similar fabrics for my winter swap, and they're outside my comfort zone too. Very pretty, but chilly, huh?

kcamou said...

Bren, I love the colors you chose for winter. I think they will be perfect!

Andrea said...

Great idea Bren ! Must be better than trying to trace a pattern taped to the window. Aching arms and curious neighbours - lol ! I LOVE the colours for your 4 Seasons Swap. Must get cracking on mine.

meggie said...

I already use that method for a boxlight, but it was nice to see your clear pics to illustrate it. I have hinted to Gom he could make me one, but he is truly NO handyman! LOL.

I love those fabrics in the blues, so am sure it will be appreciated.

Marilyn R said...

You have a great light box! The fabrics for the Winter swap look perfect to me brrrrrrrrrr!

Lib said...

Hi Bren,
THanks for sharing. I Love it when people made do on what they have.
You are so clever!
HAve a great wk.end.
Blessins', Lib

CONNIE W said...

I'm going out tomorrow to buy a small fluorescent light so I can do this too. I just signed up for Bea's embroidery BOM on her blog Capricorn Quilts and I prefer this method to mine. What a timely post!

Lindah said...

Beautiful blues! And,yes, they do look snowy and chilly to me, too. Perfect for winter.

ann said...

Bren, I always wondered how I could trace my own patterns on a tea towel. Thanks for figuring it out for me. Now to learn how to embroider!

Guðrún said...

Let there be light, yes thank you. You know now we have about 3-4 minutes each day of more daylight and actually both yesterday and today it has been fairly bright for about 3-4 hours. Your comment on my lack of light made me laugh out loud.

Wendy said...

What a great idea for tracing patterns. Thanks for sharing.

Solstitches said...

I've been longing for a lightbox too but the price not to mention the shipping here was just too much.
Strangely enough I have one of those drawers right here. It was a three drawer chest that fell to bits so I tossed it.
I must have had a premonition as I saved the one drawer and now just need to find one of those little lamps. Ikea maybe?
I think your dancing veg design is way too cute and can't wait to see your finished towels.

Jan said...

What a clever idea for a lightbox!! I like your new fabrics, they look like winter!