Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Live Well Wednesday

I was not going to weigh myself this week, as I knew it would not be good. Not because I have messed up, but because I KNOW I am retaining water. Well, I could not help myself and was surprised I actually took off 1 pound. I hope next week is another 3 to compensate for the less than thrilling numbers this week. I am not complaining as I was pleased I did not see an increase. Someone commented last week that 12 pounds is a dress size. I would love to go down a dress size, but I know 12 pounds will not do that for me. I was borderline needing to go UP a size so now the size I am in fits much better. One thing that did change sizes was my fingers. I can get my ring back on again. It is not tight and slides on and off with no problem. I do not like tight rings, so I had set my marquette aside for a few months.

Another thing I notice getting better is my stomach problems. No more pain and acid. I had a comfort lunch yesterday....PB&J on toast. UGH! Though it tasted really good, afterwards my stomach was on fire and the high fructose corn syrup made me feel awful. So much for comfort! I am still feeling the effects this morning. I learned though and will not do that again!
Everyone is home today. The wind chill is 35 degrees BELOW zero F. Schools and Kyle's work are closed down. Sweet Hubby is off on Wednesdays, so we have a family day. Laundry is going, a chicken is in the pot, and the dishwasher full of clean dishes is calling my name. Hope you all have a blessed Wednesday and choose to do something to help you live well.

Post Script...A wonderful man, Eric Davis, passed away yesterday. Please keep his wife, Heather and their children in your prayers. You can leave a message of condolence here.


Jan said...

Sorry your "comfort" food turned into "un-comfort" food! Hope your tummy feels better now! One pound is good weight loss!!!!

Kelley said...

Oh Bren, that is wonderful!
I am so happy for you!!!!
You are doing great!
Biggest blessings and hugs!

Love Bears All Things said...

About the dress size, I won't go down a dress size even when I reach my goal. My dresses might fit better though. I will always be a size 14 dress and 16 jacket because of my frame and shoulders.
I know what you mean about the difference in how our stomach feels. I have IBS and when I am eating right, I don't have the pain and bloating that I do otherwise.
Congrats. On getting your ring on. I have noticed my bras going in a tighter notch. I think those signs mean more than the scale.
Aren't you glad you weighed?
Mama Bear

Marilyn R said...

Hey, it all adds up at the end! Congrats on the weight loss!

Charlene said...

A few years ago I couldn't wear my wedding rings without the skin being raw underneath - I felt naked without them! Slow and steady wins the race, so it's one step at a time and one milestone!at a time too!

Debi said...

One more pound, WTG. You are doing excellent, keep up the good work. Before long you will pass me up!

Guðrún said...

You are doing GREAT.

Su Bee said...

That's great, Bren! Making milestones like the rings is more telling than numbers. If rings and clothes feel better, you know it has to show so everyone can see!

meggie said...

Congratulations! To some people a pound would be a fine prize!

When I was weight watching, I found food combining worked best for me, with no stomach problems, & I felt great.

Idaho Quilter said...

Way to go 1 lb loss is worth 2 lbs, the 1 you lost and the 1 you didn't gain. Like my logic?