Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Once again, my Tackle It Tuesday is my sewing room. Since Kyle had the seizure, he has been using it as a "Motel". I think he was waiting for the maid service to come in! Here is a reminder of what my sweet son had turned my sewing room into.

The maid service showed up!!! That would be me.

Notice the large shoe box under the table...it holds Kyle's stuff. If you can not fit it in the box, it can not be in the "motel" room! Nothing is to be put on the table. Kyle goes to the specialist on Thursday afternoon. Pray he can return to his own room. He starts his job on Monday. Life is GOOD!!!
Now this next part can not be blamed on poor Kyle. My desk was a disaster, including the main drawer.I made quick work of this...Once again, order is restored! If your New Years resolution is to become more tidy and organized, joining the Tackle It Tuesday is the way to go!!! Pop over to 5 Minutes for Mom to join in or see more Tackles.
Here is a picture of what happens when you get a winter fog. On Sunday, the fog was so thick here. When it cleared, the trees were so beautiful. It was not frost, nor was it snow. I am not sure what it is, but it is very clean looking.


Jennifer Tiszai said...

Ooh, pretty pictures!

Great job on the tackle. That was a huge one! We're snowed in so I took my tree down and now I'm enjoying having more space!

Tammy said...

I looked at your pictures all neat and tidy...then I looked at my desk and my office...yep, I need to tackle quite a few things...lol!

Have a great 2008!

CONNIE W said...

While I don't really like cleaning, I like sorting & organizing and making things all tidy. I did a lot of that type of work yesterday morning in my sewing room also. The frozen fog - would that be "frog"? - looks so beautiful...like a fairy tale movie.

Guðrún said...

The picture of the tree is like it is taken in Wonderland. Wow starting the new year with a tackle it tuesday, that is something, this has been a lazy day here in my house. Happy new year to you and your family dear Bren.

Sarah said...

Happy New Year, Bren! I wish you and yours many blessings in 2008! Congratulations on Kyle starting his job!

Marilyn R said...

The tree is beautiful! We had warnings for freezing fog in my neck of the woods too, but we didn't get it. I wondered what it would look like after freezing fog came through - now I know! Yeah Kyle's new job!!!

Lib said...

Hi Bren,
Hope everything goes well with the Dr. appt.
Don't you just Love it when the house is clean?I do!
I Love the pics. Sun. so pretty!